Video indexing thesis

I put an index in my PhD thesis, and discovered that it takes a fair amount of human thought and interaction to create a good index. D thesis to browse it for a certain term. It is in the interest of every multidisciplinary department.

The generic structure of a content based indexing and retrieval system is presented. The system selects samples to be annotated by a user. The objective is to allow an efficient search in a database.

Finally, we propose two methods to improve our signatures and make them more robust to intra-shot and inter-scale variabilities. The new challenge is now to automatically add to these signatures a semantic description of the content. Annotated videos are used to train classifiers that allow to estimate the semantic content of unannotated videos.

Following the same logic, we study the effects of the relevance feedback loop on search results.

In most cases the documents are available for download. The theses are selected by academic departments for their historical significance. The selection is done depending on the current knowledge of the system and the estimated usefulness of samples.

This method is an adaptation of the latent semantic indexing method originally used to index text documents. From obtained detection scores, we compare different retrieval systems depending on the query type: And if your PhD thesis turns out to be good enough to be printed and bought by university libraries, you will definitely increase the ease of use for those who access the print version and yes, some people, myself included, do still wander the physical stacks when researching!

However, current systems have the drawback to allow only the selection of one sample per iteration, otherwise their performance decreases.

It offers the opportunity to search on local areas of key-frames by contrary to most of existing methods. This project makes the data available world-wide via the Internet in a form that can be easily searched and has incorporated abstracts.

We, then, raise the desynchronization problem that exists between speech and visual content. Finally, this thesis concludes on the introduction of a new active learning approach.

Semantic video content indexing and retrieval

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Third, we address the difficult task of semantic content retrieval. Fourth, we pursue on the semantic classification task through the study of fusion mechanisms.Full-Text Paper (PDF): PhD Thesis: "Content-based Video Indexing for Sports Applications using Multi-modal approach". Nowadays, since (almost) all of the submitted works are usually available in an electronic format (e.g.

PDF or Word) besides the printed version, is it recommended to add an index to a PhD thesis in. Motion Activity for Video Indexing By Xinding Sun Video indexing based on motion is an emerging research area. While most previous work focused on video indexing using motion vectors, a detailed quantitative characterization of the spatial and temporal change of motion vectors in a video has not.

This thesis describes work done as part of Project VICI (Video Console Indexing) at the University of Pennsylvania.

VICI is a program to improve the quality and reduce the time.

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PDF | Our thesis work deals with the video indexing based on semantic interpretation (an abstrac- tion of objects or events that figure in a content), more. I certify that the thesis entitled content-based video indexing using integrated multi- modal approach submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy is the result of my own work and that where reference is made to the work of others, due.

Video indexing thesis
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