Topseries i5000 inflight entertainment system ifes

The headphones provided can also be used for the viewing of personal televisions. For example, Singapore Airlines passengers on some flights have access to a number of Super Nintendo games as part of its KrisWorld entertainment system.

The system features a HD-capable media server and a touch panel for flight attendants. Some airlines upgraded the old film IFE systems to the CRT-based systems in the late s and early s on some of their older widebodies.

Flight attendants could now change movies in-flight and add short subject programming. This form of in-flight entertainment is experienced through headphones that are distributed to the passengers.

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All of the longhaul fleet have seatback TV, and a few of the shorthaul A fleet. Most in-flight entertainment systems are purchased by existing airlines as an upgrade package to an existing fleet of aircraft.

It has a launch customer for that system on awith a number of customers flying that satcom unit in regional jetliners, and in As in Europe, Sare said.

To contain any possible issues, the in-flight entertainment system is typically isolated from the main systems of the aircraft. Most music channels are pre-recorded and feature their own DJs to provide chatter, song introductions, and interviews with artists. In addition to displaying a map that illustrates the position and direction of the plane, the system gives the altitude, airspeed, outside air temperature, distance to the destination, distance from the origination point, and local time.

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Some airlines, such as WestJetUnited Airlinesand Delta Air Lineshave equipped some narrow body aircraft with personal video screens at every seat. The Local Colour section at the front of the mag has a good calendar of events around Etihad destinations.

These early systems consisted of in-seat audio that could be heard with hollow tube headphones. Some airlines are helping pay for these IFE upgrades by charging passengers for on-demand entertainment, increasing ticket prices or advertising.

There are no especially interesting films or documentaries, nothing controversial, nothing adult, no obscure foreign language films.

What is “IFES or IFE”?

Pauley, director of product development for single aisle IFE, citing the July announcement of American Airlines order of new narrowbodies from Boeing and Airbus. It is as badly designed as the user interface.

Along with the on-demand concept comes the ability for the user to pause, rewind, fast forwardor jump to any point in the movie. Annoyingly, there is a series of trailers before every film and TV programme.

Sound is supplied via the same headphones as those distributed for audio entertainment. InAvicom introduced the first audio player system, based on the Philips Tape Cassette technology. The HD-capable monitors have the latest-generation LCD displays for brightness and contrast and use capacitive touch-screen controls that respond in a similar way to those experienced in iPads, tablets and PCs.

The front cover is in English, while the back cover, and read back to back, is in Arabic. This enables passengers to pause, rewind, fast-forward, or stop a program that they have been watching.

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Etihad business class headphones are pretty standard overhead band type noise cancelling headphones with two pins 3. After complaints from airlines and passengers alike, these restrictions were eased. The remote for this is in the seatback in front, unless you are in the bulkhead or emergency seats, when it is in the armrest in the most annoying position possible, where you will always lean against it and bang the buttons.

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Therefore all the really intersting stuff light the route maps and the fleet information is in the middle, along with Inside Etihad which has some genuinely interesting things to say about the company. Some airlines also provide video games as part of the video entertainment system.

The media server is capable of outputting both analog for Airbus and digital for Boeing. These televisions are usually located in the seat-backs or tucked away in the armrests for front row seats and first class.

Airlines want IFE systems that cost less to buy and maintain but at the same time offer their passengers the maximum convenience, comfort and enjoyment.

Difficulties with cost are also present with the customers, or airlineslooking to purchase in-flight entertainment systems. Upon a showing of compliance to all of the applicable U. We give them the servers and the connectivity using their own personal devices.Inflight Entertainment.

Welcome to our entertainment space on Oman Air!! Enjoy an array of Movies, TV and Music on our TopSeries Thales i inflight entertainment system.

Virtually every Etihad aircraft has a seatback TV system. All of the longhaul fleet have seatback TV, and a few of the shorthaul A fleet.

The most common inflight entertainment system on Etihad is the Panasonic eX2, which is fitted to almost all of Ethiad's Airbus aircraft, and the Thales TopSeries i, which will be fitted to the A In-flight entertainment (IFE) refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight.

Inthe airship Hindenburg offered passengers a piano, lounge, dining room, smoking room, and bar during the 2 1/2 day flight between Europe and America. IFES stands for In-Flight Entertainment System (aviation).

IFES is defined as In What does IFES stand for? IFES stands The TopSeries is designed as a. TopSeries i Inflight Entertainment System TopSeries i Inflight Entertainment System (IFES) Line Maintenance Place: China Eastern Airlines Tutors.

Thales In-Flight Entertainment products including LRU’s, SRU’s and spare parts. “In-Flight Entertainment and Avionics LRU’s and SRU’s parts” TFE Printed in The Netherlands Thales In-Flight Entertainment and Avionics Passengers traveling on commercial aircraft enjoy their flight more due to products manufactured by Thales.

Topseries i5000 inflight entertainment system ifes
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