The evolution of management

Traditional vertical hierarchies of command have flattened The evolution of management into more horizontal, process-oriented networks. Extended process[ edit ] Figure 2 Extended process and Customer Intervention Point Figure 2 refers to the paradigmatic shift from internal processes expanded into the extended process — including supplier networks and alliances as well as customer self-service, mass customization and disintermediation — as the increasingly external sources of competitive advantage.

The majority of companies also the educational and training institutions could still be the leading global players in this incessant and accelerating paradigm shifting. Final product[ edit ] The final product is a primary focus, the production process is considered secondary.

The system becomes organizationally closed and potentially long-term sustainable or even trans-generations self-sustainable. Concepts of easy disassembly, durability, reuse and recycling are built in into equipment design.

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Partitioned process[ edit ] It is the high-quality process that assures the high-quality product. Consequently, the firm has disaggregated and became a network. In this recently peaked stage, networks of suppliers and communities of customers have extended the internal process into a functional and competitive whole.

The evolutionary process, driven by relentless global search for maximum added value, is clearly accelerating. The management system has typically focused on: Individual management systems are beginning to overlap and their boundaries are getting blurred.

An era of continuous change in business models and management systems emerges: The new loops in the figure are not just traditional information feedback loops, but real business processes of collection, disassembly, reprocessing and reassembly activities operations.

The main focus was on improving of process operations. New loops of recycled products and materials, energy recovery and knowledge renewal are being created within global-sourcing GS networks. Early stages[ edit ] All early stages are characterized by changing focus of attention within the unchanging, invariant scheme of Figure 1.

The search for collaborative advantage for both jointly will become the new mode of economic behavior.


Through the global sourcingsections and components of the internal process are being outsourced to external providers and contractors in search of the highest added value contribution. The firm starts disaggregating its production processes, transferring, leasing or selling selected pieces off to a higher-added value operator or coordinator.

Both internal and external sources of knowledge and competitiveness have formed new core competencies. Figure 3 Distributed process and Outsourcing Different parts of the extended process are geographically distributed and often spatially remote. Distributed process[ edit ] This emerging stage represents the most radical business refocusing so far.

Discontinuous improvement and process innovation replaced the piecemeal continuous improvement.

Recycled process[ edit ] Figure 4 Recycled Process and Global Sourcing During the process of utilizing added value, the asset-recovery practices expand quickly to a majority of products and services Dell, IBM, Xerox.

The reengineering of the process, re-integrating individual components into effective, more autonomous and even self-manageable wholes, has characterized this stage.ABOUT EVOLUTION.

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The evolution of management theory through the 20th Century. Evolution of Management By Jason Kolff American Public University January 27, In this paper I will be explaining the evolution of management from the beginning of the industrial revolution to.

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Evolution of Management Systems

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The evolution of management
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