Swot analysis of national gallery

By the help of International artists and their connectivity with the other artists across the world our position in market has become more stable. For this purpose celebrations and competitions could be organized in order to inspire them to come and join. UK has a large population of educated people, who can understand the important value of art.

As a result the rate of advertisements must increase. It would be a good idea to expand the number of galleries in some most visited places like China, New York, Singapore, Egypt etc. Should not be more branches in other places? In conclusion, in order to expand Tate gallery more branches across the world must be opened.

Art is beauty of life and everybody in different age should be aware of that. This will impact on number of our visitors. As Tate is called an international gallery, advertising and presentation also must be in international level, therefore some efficient advertisement must be done.

Globally Internet technology has made a great impact on art. However, currently the government is trying to recover its own funding problem by putting effort on private sectors. Since this is an International gallery, the artists and arts, and visitors should be attracted to come from all around the world.

It is called Inspire Program. InUK in particular London will be welcoming millions of people for an unforgettable experience.

This is an external effect therefore cannot be controlled by us. As it was mentioned earlier one of strengths of Tate is being well known in the market. Poor advertising amongst people: Spending cuts policy has been made by the UK government for almost every sector.

However this reputation in market is only between Artists and galleries not amongst other ordinary people. Guardian news paper 23 November The home secretary, will close the door on up tointernational students who come to Britain each year. All these factors will influence on artists and galleries therefore Tate will not be apart from this affect.

But this is not enough, collecting new ideas from different angles and from different ages would also help.

Economic and financial situation: The success of Tate gallery so far has been due to our collaborators and partners. However, building new galleries could be excellent by display modern artworks. Nonetheless, art cannot stay away from technology besides new technology has helped galleries in every step from produce an artwork to display it to the public.

But Tate seems to be weak in advertising. The majority of Tate funding comes from private sources, people who donate to the organization, and charitable resources. Reputation as an international Reputation as an international gallery is also relates to advertisements, which in this case unfortunately is not sufficiently successful in publicity.

As you know we have four branches in United Kingdom which are well known amongst people comparatively with other galleries. Therefore, people will look at art from different prospective, with new ideas and with different views. Demographic change due to Immigration policy:SWOT Analysis and Strategic Plan Mena Art Gallery is committed to being instrumental in making this region a cultural destination by developing an interest in fine art.

needs to be a dedicated effort to branch out with state and national promotion of activities; while constantly educating our local region of SWA activities and.

Transcript of SWOT ANALYSIS FOR NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ON 26/02/14 strenght strong brand name recognized around the world for its work in humanities cultural heritage.

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National Geographic SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Tate Gallery Analysis. This is a report to find out position of Tate Gallery by the help of PEST & SWOT analysis - Tate Gallery Analysis introduction.

SWOT is an essential part of any business planning, “The SWOT analysis convenient headings under which to study an organization in its environmental setting and may provide a basis for decision-making and problem solving.

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Swot analysis of national gallery
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