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Many older buildings in the area have an internal pipe that collects stormwater from the roof and discharges it into the building sewer lateral. Temporary Restoration Temporary restoration of roadways, sidewalks and other areas disturbed by construction will be completed under this contract.

The purpose of this project is to reduce pollution levels in Boston Harbor by substantially decreasing the number and volume of combined sewer overflows CSOs into the Fort Point Channel and Boston Harbor. In some cases, these downspouts discharge into the sewer, rather than splashing to the ground.

Project Updates No Project Updates at this time. That fort was replaced by a granite fortification bearing the same name prior to the American Civil Warand still stands on Castle Island as a National Historic Landmark.

South Boston has a population of about 33, The design of Egleston Square in particular will focus on helping people navigate it safely on foot. Roxbury Sean Canty, Intergovernmental Relations Manager If you have questions or concerns about construction, please contact: A monument to the historical event was completed in Dorchester Heights in InIrish Republican Aid Committee members protested violence in Northern Ireland by carrying a coffin draped with the Irish tricolored flag.

The system has grown so that docking stations are within a 5- to minute walk of other stations; this allows people to find an alternative bike or dock if a station is full or empty, without significantly adding time to their trips.

A total amount of 2, 8. The Caucasian population is about 26, Fort William and Mary was replaced with a brick fortification known as Fort Independence.

South Boston

Downspouts also collect stormwater from the roof in pipes that run down the sides of buildings. All dust, debris and excavate will be strictly controlled and monitored. Permanent restoration will occur under a separate paving contract. Community Relations Program The Commission is committed to a proactive community relations program during construction of this project.

Ongoing design within five years and construction within 15 years Approx.

Halifax County Biomass Plant

Scope of Work Contract No. History of Boston Geographically, Dorchester Neck was an isthmusa narrow strip of land that connected the mainland of the colonial settlement of Dorchester with Dorchester Heights.

Project staff will meet periodically with residents, businesses, civic groups, and elected officials to provide updates, as requested or appropriate.

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During wet weather, the stormwater gradually takes up the greater portion of the space in the pipe and, depending upon the duration and intensity of the storm, may exceed the capacity of the combined sewer system.

Increase the number of bikes and stations to reach more Bostonians — Bikeshare is a newer type of public transportation, providing a reliable and low-cost option for getting around the city and adjacent region.

By the end ofBoston aims to grow its part of the system new stations, for a total of stations in the city. Commission staff will work closely with affected neighborhoods regarding issues such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic management, access to residences and business establishments, and maintaining access for deliveries and trash and snow removal.

In recent years, parade organizers have tried to make the event more kid-friendly, by incorporating "family zones" or sober places to watch the parade. Pedestrian friendliness will be a key design feature along the corridor, with widened sidewalks and improved crossings.

Within five years based on partnership with local community process Approx. Since the purpose of this project is to remove as much stormwater from the sewer system as possible, these building downspouts will be disconnected, where feasible. Bicycle facilities, bike parking, and improved way-finding will support local trips and help people access the Southwest Corridor.

Evacuation Day was declared a holiday in the City of Boston in Old Colony Avenue, Edge Street, and new Ellery Street will also be designed for multimodal use appropriate to the transportation needs and scale of the surrounding buildings.

At that time it was purchased by the Roman Catholic Church to use the space as a convent. With these bus service improvements, existing services could serve more riders in Roslindale and in points further south.

In Senator John F. The Commission will adhere to all city and state regulations and ordinances governing construction in public roadways.

Old Colony Housing Project

African American population is about 1, 5. A map of the contract area is attached for reference.

The 58 transportation projects Boston wants to tackle

South Boston gained an identity separate from Dorchester, but the two were annexed by Boston in pieces, from [1] to Murray served as Chief Marshall for the parade in The growth includes additional stations within the busiest areas of the system and broader access in all densely-populated neighborhoods.In particular, ongoing projects include the Roxbury to Fenway connector, that will link the Southwest Corridor Park and the Emerald Necklace for local residents and the South Bay Harbor Trail.

"South Boston", is a mainly white neighborhood in Boston just south-west of downtown. Although many will claim Southie is going through much positive change and isn't the rough neighborhood it used to be, it's still not the ideal neighborhood to just randomly move to and I'm sure many of the yuppie young professionals will figure that out soon enough.

The Old Colony Housing Project is a acre public housing project located in South Boston, Massachusetts. First built in as a cluster of 22 three-story brick buildings housing low-income units, it is one of the Boston Housing Authority's oldest developments.

This proposal is a result of a comprehensive two-year transportation study which concluded that the cableway is the most effective and cost efficient solution for enhancing mobility and unlocking the development potential in the South Boston Waterfront.

South Boston’s controversial Collins Mansion conversion complete The project included the construction of two three-story additions on either side of the historic building dating from the late.

RSS Below are all the development projects being coordinated by the Development Review department. Find more information inside each project, including renderings, details, associated files, and contact information.

Projects filed in and later utilize a timeline feature that will display key milestone dates, documents, events, pictures, and public comment forms.

South boston projects
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