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Restorative justice might come as a solution to the problem when the conventional assumptions — victims and offenders are not natural enemies, victims may not primarily be retributive of justice and prison is not necessarily the best way to prevent them from repeating crime — are erroneous.

What each of these programs share in common, besides their focus on youth violations, is the creation of a group process. Third, the criminological theory derived from the evidence on patterns of criminal offending and desistance over the life-course predicts that only face-to-face RJ could provide an experience with enough emotional power to substantially reduce repeat offending.

With only police records as the sole criteria for measurement of suitability of RJ, it becomes difficult to take into account its unpredictable nature. At the end of the day the restorative justice process is more productive and effective as long as all side are willing participants.

In case of unwillingness or implausibility with more than one party being unavailable, solution in form of indirect mediation and discussion between the victim or the offender.

The production of restorative justice is being made simple by two conditions: I have learnt my lesson. We went in and started looking around, we went to the make up section and Taylor had earlier mentioned she had heard of a really good eye liner so I had gone with her to cheak out this eye liner.

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Now depending on the condition of the offender the further course of action is being taken. My actions have effected Walmart by stoplifting because now to they have to pay the debts by raising the prices on some items, which also effects the community.

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Also victims can be reached personally by coming to their doors. It has to be discovered that on what kind of patient it works and how effective it is. RJ needs meticulous planning and research before proper execution.

If restorative justice programs include circle conversations, they can refute what Mahoney assumes about young people lacking values. First, the principles of the moral vision of RJ to strengthen interdependent communities resonate more with face-to-face RJ than with any other approach.

This includes one way communications such as letter of apology to victims or his family members. After getting the consent of both offender and victim to agree in principle to the concept of restorative justice then facilitators go for the victim-offender agreement.

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Hire Writer Victim Offender Mediation brings victims and offenders together with a trained facilitator to discuss the crime and develop an agreement for how to make things right.

Another misconception that offenders and victims are different from each other induces greater desire for the victim, taken by remorse, to seek revenge against the offenders and conceals the fact that most criminals have themselves been victims, some from an early age.

The practice has got wide spread usage in an environment which resembles school and workplace or are similar to these settings. This will result a very desirable outcome with both parties present and the mediator shuttling between them.

However, the prospect of wasting trained officers on such processes make leaders reluctant to facilitate RJ, though the cost of restorative policing can be reduced by assigning police community safety officers to work with small number of constables and offer help through police protection and bringing together offenders and victims through some community based knowledge.

Because the programs under consideration typically involve juvenile offenders and property offenses, it remains to be determined whether these positive effects can be demonstrated with respect to adult offenses and more serious offenses.

Betty now had to provide a place for her to stay for a while and now she was worried about her safety. Community circles, typically used in more traditional societies, such as Aboriginal and Native American groups, involve the participation of a number of community members to discuss both the interpersonal and the community-wide dimensions of the problem and to propose comprehensive solutions.

Second, a preponderance of unbiased evidence about RJ comes from the face-to-face variety.

Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Program for Shoplifters

Basic Principles The critical difference between restorative justice and traditional justice is its focus on the offense as a source of harm to people and not simply as a violation of the law.

The group processes can be small or large groups in which all persons are welcome to share their opinions, thoughts, and feelings.

To help out the community I have agreed to complete 7 community sevice hours, write an essay and a letter of apology. He was given an opportunity to see how his action affected the victim and other s around her, In return he was able to get back onto the right path.

The researches are on the way with a number of modification is being suggested. Thus, taking into account convicts who complete RJ with lower tendencies to repeat the crime than others is what statisticians call spurious results. RJ studies suffer from this major flaw and hence, conclude with biased inferences.

When put to judicious use, it can prove effective for preventing adult and juvenile delinquents, both novices and hardened, in regressing to misdemeanours. The facilitator ensures that the main issue remains the major part of the discussion with all the parties stay focused on the reasons for the meeting and the level of communication remain civilized.

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This process focuses on creating a safe, comfortable environment in which restorative dialogue can take place. Buy in on a solution to a problem is always more effective then forcing the solution via conviction. This example Restorative Justice Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

Thus, there is always a social fabric the bonds everyone in the society, be it the victim or the criminal. I had already heard of the eye liner so I had simply said it a good eye liner, the next thing I noticed she was unwrapping the make up.

But to prove that RJ can help the samples should be unbiased and definitely not those with bias of self-selection.Restorative justice is not a single program, practice, or process. As indicated by the examples above—especially those involving serious and violent murders and reconciliation following genocide—it is also not an intervention meant only as an alternative response to minor crime, juvenile crime, or other misbehavior.

In some cases this is made possible via restorative justice process. This process is all about bringing the victim and the offender together.

Restorative justice process: Restorative justice process is a process where the victim of a crime and the criminal are brought together to share their thoughts and feeling. Nov 15,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array. Does Restorative Justice Reduce Recidivism?

Though restorative justice has become an increasingly popular practice in the criminal justice field, there is still no concise, universally acceptable definition of the concept.

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Shoplifting: Restorative Justice Program Essay

The use of human emotions in the process of justice enables better understanding of feelings and bond between victims, offenders and their families. Because the Mahoney () article focuses on nonviolent youth crime like shoplifting, it is important to focus on which of these five restorative justice methods or programs might work best.

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Ultimately, the restorative justice program should .

Shoplifting restorative justice program essay example
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