Problems of working women

Even today, motherhood is still considered to be the primary role for women. She has to almost always shoulder the burden of household chores as well. One has to fulfill the demand at work followed by various demands at home. According to survey conducted by ASSOCHAM, on women professionals, around 80 per cent of the households expect their daughters-in-law to prioritize household requirements over the official work.

This attitude which considers women fit for certain jobs and not others colors those who recruit employees. This disparity is also a cause for worry because balanced development is not taking place. Like a woman is only worth the value of her family ties. For some women, it might mean taking a class, or reading up on work-related matters, or attending a seminar.

Thus women find employment easily as nurses, doctors, teachers the caring and nurturing sectors, secretaries or in assembling jobs-the routine submissive sectors. Whose Problem Is It? And of course, feminist couples have the happiest marriages. Indian women are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Trade Unions do little to ameliorate the lot of women workers. Most people want to correct the unequal treatment of women in the workplace.

Women do minutes of it Problems of working women men do minutes: A woman could still bear up with these problems if she had control over the money she earns.

The problem of old age in India

The paper calls for improving the working conditions of the working women along with a fundamental change in the attitudes of the employers, policy makers, family members and other relatives and the public at large. This is usually the case in factories and labor-oriented industries.

Problems Faced by Working Women

But even if well qualified women engineers or managers or geologists are available, preference will be given to a male of equal qualification.

Jagpreet Kaur, Lecturer, Deptt. A majority of working women continue to be denied their right to equal pay, under the Equal Remuneration Act, and are underpaid in comparison to their male colleagues.

Indirect discrimination might be a women being overlooked for a promotion, or an employee displaying inappropriate sexual material in the workplace. If you are tired and stressed out and underpaid, happiness is at best an illusion. But it is still difficult for women as she has to play multiple roles of a cook, a family maid, a tutor, a nurse as well as cater to the demands of office work.

This recent study even provides a way: Discrimination can be an uncomfortable situation for Problems of working women women involved. Discrimination at Workplace However, Indian women still face blatant discrimination at their workplaces. The age old belief of male superiority over women creates several hurdles for women at their place of work.

The Supreme Court held that a working woman can claim maintenance from her estranged husband, if her monthly income is not enough for her maintenance. But in most families even now her salary is handed over to father, husband or in-laws.

There is nothing that is done in hospitals to tackle and address the danger they face. There have been several cases of sexual harassment recently involving even the senior women officials. Women are stereotyped to stay at home and take care of the house and children. A fundamental change is required in the attitudes of the employers, policy makers, family members and other relatives and the public at large.

Remedies are needed to secure a fair and equal role in the workplace. They need to, prove that they can think with their minds and not their hearts when it comes to business. Nurses, for example, face this problem nearly every day.

The legal right of a woman pertaining to equal pay at the work place remains unaddressed most of the time because few women are confident enough to complain. More opportunities are appearing for women workers today than ever before.

Safety of Working Women While Traveling Typically, the orthodox mindset in the Indian society makes it difficult for a working woman to balance her domestic environment with the professional life.May 18,  · Women excel in school and then hit problems of gender inequity in the workplace: lower pay, fewer promotions, less support.

8 big problems for women in the workplace. Women work hard and. WORKING WOMEN: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Cornell/NYSSILR Trade Union Women1s Studies Six sessions exploring concerns of women: I.

Women as workers. II. Women at work, in paid employment — occupations and earnings. III. Legislation and contract issues. IV. Women's participation in the trade union movement. V. Women's position in a tight economy. VI. women are wonder women. they can do any thing from a socialist to film city, from a sports person to the business world women are known in every field Women's studies centre, Punjabi University, Patiala.

Website by Nishu Sharma, [email protected] Research activities on issues concerning Women and children, academic and social they are to change the present attitude and values in society regarding women's roles and rights in one of equal participation in all social, economics and political processes.

Essay on “Problems of Working Women” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Problems of Working Women Acceptance As Working Professionals Most Indian men are yet to come to terms with the fact that women are also capable of working with them, shoulder to shoulder, in any field or professional sphere.

Problems of working women
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