Problems of aral sea essay

An effort should be made to restore the sea if it means that we, as humans, are recognizing the ways in which we have over-manipulated and dominated nature in ways that are not sustainable. But, as a result of the soviet central government decision, today Muynak is a desert town more than a hundred kilometers from the sea.

Well there are a few things being done to help, one of them is the building of the dam. The loss of the fish biodiversity has been more widely documented, roughly four of the 24 species still live in this body of water.

Using alternative cotton species that require less water 5. Bu cutting off water supply to a region, the hydrological balance of the area becomes offset as more water leaves the region. Net evaporation has also decreased; as a result, there was a net deficit of water to the sea. The heat capacity is reduced; therefore it can warm up and cool off faster than before.

If we are simply restoring the water back so as to serve our own needs again, I do not believe this is okay. Several factors influenced the desertification, including the decline in the groundwater level.

The steep rise in salinity was loss, the element which alters landscapes the most. Charging farmers to use the water from the rivers 4.

The Aral Sea Essay

Wikimedia Foundation, 28 Jan. Fish populations fluctuated and eventually when the canal was 30 km long and the sea continued to move away, the boats were then abandoned to sail on the sea anymore. Fundamentally, there is a problem and now we must begin the long trek towards recovery.

The Aral Sea

The incoming solar radiation for a given square area now has to heat up a smaller volume of water, thus the water temperature at the surface increases faster. Frequent low-water periods contributed to the shortfall of needed resources for vegetation.

At least they had the North Aral sea to attempt to recover one of the thing that they did is the Kazakh government planned to build Dike Kokaral, a concrete dam separating the two different parts of the Aral Sea.

With all the problems it has caused, the cleaning up of it has become a challenge. In a sense, Aral Sea has started to exhibit a monsoon climate, which is characterized by seasonal climate change due to warming and cooling of the sea.

The disappearance of the Aral Sea is one of the worst man-made ecological events to ever occur, and still occurring. Moving farming away from cotton 7. Climate change is the last major environmental issue brought up by the shrinking of the lake.

The water in the sea supported no more than 24 species of fish, over species of free living macro invertebrates, and land animal species. The farms in the area near use some highly toxic pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Excess water accumulated in groundwater that remains after filtration raises the water table.

Just like what happened to the Aral Sea and the diversion of its rivers it is happening again with the Colorado River. For decades, these chemicals have been deposited into the Aral Sea was lost water, the climate has become extreme.

When agriculture uses furrow irrigation, soil receives an excessive amount of water from rivers and canals. But the effluents that did reach the sea were laced with a deadly mix of salt and pesticides from the cotton fields.

Although other species, fish etc. With the receding shore lines and the abundance of salt, the fish became vulnerable to land predators and being unable to breathe in the high salt content.

After all the miserable things happened they finally came out with possible solutions to recover the Aral Sea. The biodiversity in the Aral Sea dramatically change with the ongoing shrinking of the inland lake.

About 20 species were identified by the biologists from the sea, including sturgeon and catfish. Using fewer chemicals on the cotton 6. The river inflow has been rapidly decreasing since Water then gets filtered by depositing the salt in the soil. The other cause of shrinking of Aral Sea is change in the sea surface temperature.The Aral Sea Desertification.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: 8th May, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The Aral Sea is a victim to such adversity due to malpractices and power hungry nature of humans.

Problems of Aral Sea Essay by xtremalkz, College, Undergraduate, A+, February download word file, 10 pages download word file, 10 pages 4 votes2/5(4). Geography H/W – The Disappearing Aral Sea This essay intends to first introduce the disappearing Aral Sea, which due to the extensive agricultural activities devised by the Soviet government in the region, the former fourth-largest lake of the world is now the world's eighth largest lake.

major environmental problems have resulted. The. The Aral Sea was an inland salt water sea, one odd thing about this sea is, there was no channels connected to the sea. We will write a custom essay sample on The Aral Sea.

Essay on Preventing the Desertification of the Aral Sea Region Research has also shown that infant mortality rates have also steadily increased overall as expressed by figures which show an overall decline dating back to the ’s (Zetterstrom ).

Preventing the Desertification of the Aral Sea Region Essay; Desertification: A Worldwide Problem Essay More about Preventing the Desertification of the Aral Sea Region Essay.

Short Essay on the Aral Sea Crisis

The Sea Words | 4 Pages; The Impact of Global Warming and Desertification on the Nigerian Ecosystem.

Problems of aral sea essay
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