Planning sheet for writing a newspaper report

Space is provided so that students know approximately how much they should write. What changes would they make and why?

Newspaper Report Planning Templates

You can use them to introduce vocabulary related to a particular topic, start discussions, and even when talking about reported speech with learners of any level. Ourtown United, the local football team, beat its main rivals five-nil yesterday evening.

This will ensure that it is written at a level suitable for your learners and focuses on something you specifically want to work on in class. Our young writers are beginners, so the structure provided by a planning template helps them move forward more effectively.

Put students in groups of three to four members. Make a list of parts on the board. Ask, "How many of you would be interested in reading this story? What kinds of things do they notice? Fireman were called out today to save a cat that was stranded on top of a chimney. Session 3 Give students time to read the newspaper article they brought from home.

Now try this one! Filling out the planning sheet is like preparing to paint a room in your home. Explain to the students that they will explore a newspaper, paying attention to the layout and format. In their groups, have students continue to explore copies of newspapers.

Then I go to the local news to see what is happening in my town. They scan headlines, subtitles, and images to see if the story interests them or not. On a revised version of the template, I added how many marks each section was worth.

Since they know the people, students can write about the way characters would respond to situations. This particular worksheet uses a newspaper article to get students to think about traffic police.

Instead of catching the rabbit that leapt out of his hat, it landed on his head and knocked him to the floor. On the hill When? Think of a good headline for the newspaper report below. Explain how these five questions help to summarize a news story. Can you include rhyming words in your headline for this one?

Were changes made to the five Ws? Explain to the class that people read newspapers differently than other types of texts.Creating a Classroom Newspaper.

Ask the students to report about their family's newspaper Assess students' comments from the Newspaper Writing Assessment sheet. Sep 27,  · BBC News School Report Navigation.

Writing good headlines is a skill and this activity will help get you thinking about how to promote your stories. Year 3 Non chronological reports planning worksheets, lesson plans and other primary teaching resources.

Newspaper Article Writing Helper - Time for Kids. My Plan for my Newspaper Report.

Writing a newspaper article planning sheet

Topic of my report: Ideas for a Headline: Introduction: What information will I include? What subheading will I use?

What will there be a picture of? What will the caption be? Who will I quote? Use these great writing templates to help structure your newspaper report.

The resource includes a prompt question sheet to help encourage your future reporters to consider what information they want to include in their report, and a template with gu5/5(14).

Planning sheet for writing a newspaper report
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