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This is often in association with torture or extrajudicial killing. It is drained principally by the JhelumPunch, and Chenab rivers. Along the northeastern flank of the Valley runs the main range of the Himalayas.

All Parties Hurriyat Conferencean organisation that uses moderate means to Jammu kashmir for the rights of the Kashmiris, is often considered as the mediator between New Delhi and insurgent groups. Kashmir shawlDetail of a Kashmir shawl, wool embroidery, 19th century. Weapons were smuggled on a large scale from Pakistan.

These attempts were curtailed however when people living along the Line of Control which divides Indian and Pakistani Kashmir started to hold public protests against their activities.

The people belonging to the Gujjar and Bakerwal tribal community perform a traditional singing of songs in chorous and is popularly known as Benthe. Jammu kashmir supplied these groups with logistical support, arms, recruits and training. According to the testimony of one of the survivors, the militants dressed themselves as officers of the Indian Armyentered their houses and then started firing blindly.

The climate is characterized by annual precipitation of about 30 inches mmderived partially from the summer monsoon and partially from storms associated with winter low-pressure systems. In addition, agricultural schools have been established in Srinagar and Jammu The encounters go largely uninvestigated by the authorities, and the perpetrators are spared criminal prosecution.

Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus Islamic separatist militants are accused of violence against the Kashmir populace. Also young people easily identify themselves with the "group" rather than with their individual identities.

One was beheaded later, one escaped, and the other four remain missing, presumably killed. In the alpine area, average annual precipitation is about 3 inches 75 mmbut in the subtropical zone around Jammu rainfall amounts to about 45 inches 1, mm per year.

Two of the new recruits have doctorates and eight were post graduates, the army data showed. The use of landlines there steadily dropped, while that for mobile devices grew dramatically to completely dwarf the older technology in numbers of subscribers. The Kashmiris having exposed to solidarity during independence have set in a new culture of literature and learning.

With the impending independence of India, the British announced that the British Paramountcy over the princely states would end, and the states were free to choose between the new Dominions of India and Pakistan or to remain independent.

To the east, around Lehthe inhabitants are predominantly Buddhists of Tibetan ancestry who speak a Tibeto-Burman language Ladakhi. The great majority of the population resides in the lower reaches of the vale.

Pakistan suggests that this means that Kashmir either wants to be with Pakistan or independent. Another new group reported to have emerged is the "Save Kashmir Movement". The major cultivated items by the Kashmiris are Rice, Wheat, Maize, Tobacco, Rape seed, mustard, linseed, toria, cotton seed, pulses, saffron, potatoes, turnips, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflowers, radish, onions, lotus-stalk, brinjal, gourd and bitter gourd, etc.

Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly election, Following the rise of Islamisation in the Kashmir valley, during the state elections, various Islamic anti-establishment groups including Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir were organised under a single banner named Muslim United Front MUFthat is largely current Hurriyat.

It has an average crest line of 12, feet 3, metreswith individual peaks rising to some 15, feet 4, metres. In the late s, however, simmering discontent over the high-handed policies of the Union Government [71] and allegations of the rigging of the assembly elections [71] triggered a violent uprising which was backed by Pakistan.

Thousands of people today participated in the last rites of Abdul Ahad Ganaie at Lalpora Lolab, He was killed by unidentified gunmen at Khanyar here last night.

Of the bodies uncovered in 4 of the 14 districts, bodies were identified as missing locals in contrast to the Indian governments insistence that all the graves belong to foreign militants.

Fighting has occasionally broken out between the two sides, notably in Sericulture silk cultivation is also widespread. Rice, the staple crop, is planted in May and harvested in late September.

As a result of the India-Pakistan dispute over the Kashmir region, the route through the Jhelum valley from Srinagar to RawalpindiPakistan, was closed in the late s. The Kashmiris have a liking for sweet delicacy known as phirni which is made of sooji, milk and sugar. Jammu and Kashmir state thus became the territory that India administered on its side of the line.

In the ensuing encounter The two major institutes of higher education are the University of Kashmir at Srinagar and the University of Jammu, both founded in Streams and settlements in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir state, northern India.


The ancient caves and temples of Kashmir, however, reveal a strong link with Indian culture at the beginning of the Common Era. General Jammu kashmir Resolution firmly recognized the right of colonial people to self-determination; and General Assembly Resolution subsequently affirmed the right of internal self-determination, which the population of Kashmir has consistently been deprived of [59] The popular Kashmiri insurgency which erupted on demonstrates that the Kashmiri people no longer wish to remain within India.

In the effort to curb support for pro-independence militants, Indian security forces have resorted to arbitrary arrest and collective punishments of entire neighbourhoods, tactics which have only led to further disaffection from India.Jammu & Kashmir - Geography & Geology Geologists believe that about ten crore years have passed when Kashmir Valley which was once a lake called Satisar, the lake of goddess Sati, came into its present form.

All news from Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar, Ladakh. Samaan Lateef. Tribune News Service. Srinagar, August The National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is probing the funding of the secessionist. A&E office: Srinagar:Jammu: Email: [email protected] Jammu and Kashmir News: The Express Tribune provides the most comprehensive coverage news, Latest and Breaking News updates on Jammu and Kashmir.

Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir; Part of the Kashmir conflict: Kashmir: Shown in green is the Kashmiri region under Pakistani fresh-air-purifiers.com dark-brown region represents Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir while the Aksai Chin is under Chinese control. Welcome To High Court of Jammu & Kashmir.

The full-fledged High Court of Judicature for the Jammu and Kashmir State was established in the year

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