Importance of first aid essay

A patient with dog-bite should be treated as an injured person. First Aid does not just promote faster recovery it helps save lives. By the time he made it t into the house with him, he had lost a large amount of blood.

The Importance of CPR and First Aid Certification

You can use the internet to find a local first aid certification class or call your local hospital to find out when and where to get first aid-certified. The series of lifesaving techniques are useful whenever there arises an emergency situation.

Understanding the Concept and Importance of First Aid – Essay

Sportsmen and people earning their bread by taking participation in various games and sports are also included in this category. She also has a background in research and education. Click a course to view more information!

Find out where you can take a First Aid Certification class if you need or want the skills to have in a situation where quick action is necessary to help someone who has been injured or needs immediate medical attention. First aid training is available at a number of institutions and is available to just about anyone.

Like games and sports, people indulged in various physical activities also have high probabilities of getting injured. It is the treatment provided prior to the arrival of any professional medical personnel. By the time we arrived at the hospital my son had lost so much blood that without giving him donated blood, which for reasons not disclosed here we did not want to do they could not give him anesthesia before surgery.

The more people that are First Aid trained and knowledgeable the more the community as a whole benefits. People have to perform various kinds of physical activities for different purposes daily. CPR consists of two main procedures: While everyone can benefit from First Aid knowledge and training it is an even greater benefit to those working or living with individuals who require ongoing special attention or treatment such as children, persons with physical or mental disabilities, persons with chronic illness, persons with disorders such as epilepsy, the elderly, persons involved in recreational activities such as swimming or people working in dangerous environments such as a factory or construction site.

First Aid Course and its importance in our daily life

Bones that are not set, may never hold weight. A child who is poisoned from drinking something toxic also needs quick attention. Broadly speaking, human beings indulged either in physical activities or either in mental activities. It can take as little as six minutes for the brain to die when it is not being supplied by oxygenated blood.

Also some common incidents that require immediate attention are accidents both at home and on the road, at the workplace, during some sports events, and even some illness that call for the performance of first aid as soon as possible.

Knowledge in First Aid benefits the individuals themselves regardless of whether an emergency affects them directly or involves people they live and work with. Even if a person lives alone knowing BFA can be essential. If the victim has stopped breathing, he may revive him using CPR.

It therefore emphasizes the need to take up the first aid training course. Various officials are appointed to insure the safety of players, but still they get injured in one way or other.Essay about First Aid and Scene Survey Assess. CU Paediatric Emergency First Aid 20 pages Identify the responsibilities of a paediatric first aider.

The importance of first aid is hard to overestimate. Among the major benefits of first aid are the following: It affords people with the ability to provide help during various emergency situations. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The simple discussion helped us learn the importance of first aid and how we can use it in the future. We can actually use first aid in many simple ways and by performing the first aid properly.

And as. First aid training is also available through many community centers and hospitals.

CLASS 10 -- ESSAY: The importance of first Aid

Wilderness First Aid Hiking, cross country skiing and other activities take place far from the immediate aid of any emergency response team. First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury.

It is usually performed by a no expert person to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. Certain self- limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not require further medical care past the first aid intervention.

Feb 24,  · Essay: The importance of first Aid First aid means the help which can be given to an injured person before he is sent to hospital. A person, usually.

Importance of first aid essay
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