Impact of political stability on tourism

For example, the war in Iraq provided an impression that tourism sector would slightly decline in a country occupied by foreign armies and under a denominational revolution [19]; therefore, war is considered the main obstacle the tourism industry.

Political factors are critical to tourism development in Palestine and thus should be kept firmly in mind by political decision makers. The growth in visitor arrivals would help offset their rising costs.

Political instability main worry for tourism industry

While this turmoil hopefully will not last, it will discourage many from traveling there--a country that depends heavily on the tourism industry. The Politics and Power of Tourism in Palestine. At the end of Septemberthe peace process between the PNA and Israel failed, and the Palestinian tourism industry stopped because of the Palestinian—Israeli crisis, which also affected tourism in Jordan [16].

According to religious tradition, the head of John the Baptist was found in Sabastiya [28]. Despite the Israeli closure and siege on the Palestinian territories, this survey provides alternative data on visitors who stay in hotels as well as key indicators of activities around the hotel and of guests in Palestinian hotels.

The data were analyzed and used to reach the research objective. About 85 per cent have no plan to invest in Sabastiya houses a mosaic center for teaching children art and producing crafts for sale. Based on political certainty, the Tourism Authority of Thailand TAT should succeed in achieving its foreign tourist target of Political Context of Catalonia Catalonia, the autonomous community of Spain, was, for many years, an independent region of the Iberian Peninsula.

Tensions rising between locals and tourists can be, in the long-term, extremely damaging. The aim of this study was to expose the effect for tourism in a context of occupation — with consequent restrictions on access and mobility of tourists and others to and within village.

Inthe poll found that 49 per cent of participants said they did not experience any problems from such a drop. The present-day village is located right next to impressive archaeological remains VisitPalestine.

References [1] Ritchie, B. A third viewed eco-tourism as the market with the most potential, and felt that the government should encourage it. Many Palestinian and foreigners should show solidarity with the suffering places in Palestine.

A geographic information system GIS was utilized to show the geopolitical situation of the study area. Israeli occupation is considered the primary limiting factor for growth [23]. Interested in learning more about how political tensions can affect tourism?

Inrepresentatives of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel met to initiate a joint collaboration aimed to increase the flow of foreign tourists. The peace building potential of the domestic private sector Israel and Palestine. Political risk and other barriers to tourism promotion in Africa: The problem is tourism is sensitive to political unrest, which can create a substantial effect on the industry [5, 6].

Methodology This study is based on different data collected from various organizations engaging in the tourism industry in Palestine.

This study recommends that efforts in this area should concentrate on tourist services, parking facilities, training of tourism staff, expansion of accommodations and restaurants, and own promotional services.

International Alert Case study of Palestine and Israel [14] explained that the improvement of tourism in Palestinian territories during the peace between PNA and Israel in is evident in the number of visitors to the Palestinian territories 1.

United States and European Union play an important role by pushing Israel to allow Palestinian government sovereignty of the entire area, thereby developing tourism in the village. A model of tourism destination choice: The downfall of the official channels among the ministries of tourism of Palestine and Israel and the Second Intifada started against the Israeli occupation in drove both ministers of tourism to sign a statement of commitment in November to promote tourism in the area.

Many researchers have examined the influence of political unrest on the tourism sector. Given its long history, Sabastiya boasts a number of important archaeological monuments Figure 1.Impact of political instability on tourism industry of bangladesh 1.

LETTER OF SUBMISSION July, To Swadip Bhattacharjee Lecturer Department of Management Studies University of Chittagong. Tourism, Terrorism and Political Instability. While numerous natural and human-caused disasters can significantly impact the flow of tourism, the.

The impact of political instability on tourism: Case of Thailand January · Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes Purpose ‐ The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between political instability upon destination image and perception and tourism consumer behavior.

impact of political instability and terrorism in the tourism industry of three middle-east countries: an econometric exploration by kaushik basu.

Political change in the tourists' home country can also have an impact on the tourism industry. Perhaps the best example of this right now would be Cuba.

Catalonia: Political Instability and its Impact on Tourism

The restrictions on travel by US citizens to Cuba seriously reduces the prospects for that country's tourism industry. The Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea are not the first areas to find themselves engulfed in a political situation which threatens economies so reliant upon tourism and foreign currency receipts.

Impact of political stability on tourism
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