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If you are not sure, consult your instructor. Ask a Librarian Choosing and Evaluating Sources — A Brief Guide When writing academic research papers it is essential to make sure that your sources are authoritative i.

You can assume that any article found in a peer-reviewed journal is authored by an expert on the subject manner. In fact, anytime that your sources make frequent reference to a specific article or book, it is a good idea to consult that source. Is the website current and relevant?

The same is generally true of a university press book. Here are several key questions to ask in evaluating a source: As ideas and research evolve, some older essays and books may no longer be considered relevant or reliable, while others remain vital contributions to the scholarship on that particular work or topic.

For instance, one of the most useful websites for literary research, Voice of the Shuttle vos. And go to the stacks! It is important to check the date the site was created and when it was last updated. Apr 9, If it is the latter, there will usually be material and links to commercial and other non-scholarly sites.

The most common and appropriate sources for academic literary research papers are: The presence of comprehensive footnotes and an extensive bibliography is often, but not always, an indication that the work is authoritative.

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You may also find useful material in literary encyclopedias and indexes, but that material is generally appropriate only as background material of a largely factual nature.

Sometimes the answer is apparent from the essay. This is often difficult for undergraduate researchers to determine. Is the author an authority on the subject? In many disciplines, it is also important to makes sure the material is timely because new research often supersedes older findings.

Is the publication, publisher, or website authoritative? This is not an issue for academic data bases, which are updated regularly. This is less important in literary studies, but you should always note the date of publication. You may be surprised at the wealth of material that sits on the bookshelves in the library.

Peer reviewed journals found on academic data bases and in hard copy are considered authoritative, as are university press books.

What is its target audience? Some websites sponsored by universities and scholarly organizations contain authoritative material or links to itbut you will need to verify that the author is, in fact, an authority.

The same is true of any links the site contains.

English 252: Introduction to Literary Studies: Choosing and Evaluating Sources

In that case, it may be useful to consult that source.The Writing Center is a tutoring and student resource center for writing, as well as those skills integral to the writing process, including reading comprehension, critical thinking, planning, and organization.

Students can work with a tutor on their writing, reading, and study skills for any course. Tutors can also assist students with any ESL course, as well as HUM and.

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The Writing Center provides resources and individual writing conferences to help students become better writers at every level and in every discipline. Centers & Resources - Writing Center - Hamilton College.

It searches multiple primary source databases at once with workflow tools to analyze information. (BHA) is the world's most comprehensive bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of European and American visual arts from late antiquity to the present.

Over 12, dissertations written at the Graduate Center during this date. The Writing Center- CE at Hunter College, New York, NY. likes · 3 talking about this · 7 were here. The Writing Center-CE offers workshops in 5/5(2).

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The COM Writing Center’s mission is to assist writers in the writing process, from brainstorming for ideas to revising the final draft. Because writing is a process and it is the writer’s paper, we encourage dynamic sessions between writer and tutor.

Hunter College Writing Center Continuing Education Summer Symposium.

Hunter writing center
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