How to write a speech on child labor

These tips will also help you with your speech on child labor. The practice is common in poor countries. Child Labor in India The problem of child labor in India is much problematic.

The constitution of India has made education of children a fundamental right. In India, child labour system has become a problem to the society.

National Child Labour Policy: Few people actually realize the scale that child labor occurs. They are basically forced to work to earn wages. Poverty is the main reason that has increased child labor issue.

Creating awareness among the different target groups in the society through governmental and non-governmental organisations to raise their consciousness on the issue of child labour.

Thus, it violates the Constitution of India. The practice is evil and should be banned by governments. This included the glass industry, garment industry, and the textile industry.

Child labor was essentially attached to specific areas of industry. For them, school is an opportunity for work lost. Essay writing service - About essay Child Labor Essay Writing Sample Child labor is a situation where young children are employed to work on firms, homes, hotels, and firms.

So while writing an essay on child labor make sure you have enough information about the topic. Child labor worked more as families saw it as an opportunity to generate income from every available source. Child Labour is a social problem, because it is deep ingrained in the roots of the society.

They have exposed the misery of child labourers in their many writings. There are 64 countries highest in child labor some of them are Somalia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afganistan, Nigeria. Child labor is not just assisting parents and learning in the process, it is the compulsory enrollment to obtain output for some other agent.

According to the census, there are 33 million child laborers across India, in the age bracket of 5- 18 while in the age group of there are close to over 10 million child laborers.

Their jobs can go from to working in a factory, to being used for military purposes, to being abused and sexually offended for the benefit of others; even though these children are being used to help parents and families earn money and support the family, they are harmed and are worked to death.

They are forced to do prostitution, child pornography etc. Which is indeed a good thing for India.

Speech on Child Labour in India

Under this, the creditor would give huge loans to a family and make them forever indebted to it in terms of paying out the mortgage amount.

Despite a number of efforts made for the eradication of child labour, the situation remains still grave. The history of child labor can be traced back to the Victorian era.Child Labor Essay Writing Sample. Child labor is a situation where young children are employed to work on firms, homes, hotels, and firms.

The practice is common in developing countries but is limited in developed nations where it is considered to be illegal and a violation of human rights. This question has only one good answer which is the saviour of all students: *angelic music* Wikipedia Child labour - Wikipedia And the beloved sidekick *Drums and cymbals* Wikihow How to Write a Speech Remember to thank the people for letting yo.

In her speech demanding child labor laws, Florence Kelley expresses her outright disgust with the conditions in which poor, innocent children must work, utilizing.

May 21,  · In child labor kids get filthy black most of the time don’t have ways to get clean. The third reason why I think child labor should be prevented is because the children subjected to child labor don’t get to grow up as children.

The solution to the problem of Child Labor are: There should be strict enforcement of child labor laws by the Government.

Short Speech on Child Labour

The general public need to be made aware of the severe consequences of Child labor. An increase in employment opportunity, both skilled and unskilled, for adults would help in overcoming the problem of poverty and child labor.

Child labor is a horrible affair that must be stopped for the good of the entire world. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

How to write a speech on child labor
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