How did lord liverpool deal with the threat of radical challenges essay

How did Lord Liverpool deal with the threat of radical challenges? Essay

Lord Liverpool and His Times. Liverpool held a number of government posts prior to becoming Prime Minister in Unfortunately, these spies were paid by results and so became agents provocateurs — they stirred up rebellions if they could not find them, so they would be paid.

How successful was Lord Liverpool in responding to radical challenge from 1812-1822

So they followed a policy of repression. The government did nothing to remedy the causes of discontent. The repeal can be said to have displayed a willingness to uphold an agreement not given by them. After a spate of strikes parliament tightened the Conspiracy Laws. Unfortunately, indirect taxes were left at a high rate and this adversely affected the poor who paid premium prices for their bread.

However, one minor exception to this did arise. In he strengthened the British monetary system by restoring the gold standard. However, in he was elevated to the peerage in his own right at Baron Hawkesbury and became the Leader of the House of Lords.

An advertisement appeared, saying that the entire Cabinet was to attend a dinner held by the Lord President of the Council. Liverpool was a conscientious and capable PM who succeeded in uniting the old Pittite forces and bringing together well-established and experienced men such as George Canning, Viscount Castlereagh and the Duke of Wellington.

They also believed it was the first duty of government to maintain law and order. The result was the hanging of 6 men.

How effectively did Lord Liverpool deal with the radical challenge 1812-22

The revenue collected from income tax alone did not vastly reduce the national debt and it would have been more beneficial to Britain to allow it to remain in force. At the Congress of ViennaLiverpool urged the international abolition of the slave trade; within a few years the other European powers accepted this view.

This seems to have been the role of Oliver in the Derbyshire Rising. The government had some justification for its attitude.

However, was not a year of total reactionary outlook. Unfortunately the economic stability this created was a temporary state only The Gold Standard applied solely to the Bank of England.

Not much use was made of these powers. Helena where he died in Hire Writer The Cato Street conspiracy was a plot to kill all of the British cabinet members, as they met at Grovesnor Square in February —organised by a group of Spenceans, in hopes that it would paralyse decision making and cause an atmosphere of chaos and confusion as a setting for potential uprisings.

Inthe government adopted a clear reactionary stance as a method of controlling domestic unrest. During this period very little social, economic or political reform occurred. Further repressive legislation was passed in Habeas corpus was suspended and the Seditious Meetings Act was passed in The plan was to break into the house of Lord Harrowby in Grosvenor Square and murder the entire Cabinet kill the new king, George IV George III had died on 31 January seize the Tower of London, which was the great arsenal for the army seize the Bank of England and set up a Provisional Government The idea was cleverly worked out even though it was quite mad.

Infollowing the suicide of Castlereagh, Liverpool undertook a Cabinet reshuffle and appointed a number of young men whom he thought had a bright political future: Consequently the ruling classes feared a revolution in England.

This made the formation of trade unions legal, but an Amending Act made it difficult to organise strikes within the law.

It is worth noting also that the powers taken by the government were used sparingly. In Liverpool resigned after a stroke. It was not the implementation of this which can be seen as non-reactionary but the repeal of it in The government was embarrassed; Oliver disappeared. Roman Catholics were still excluded, but in the Catholic Relief Act Catholic emancipation was passed.

Trade unions now became legal.

The Age of George III

In the Bank of England was restored to the Gold Standard. However, this was done for the common good of the country which lends it a claim to be progressive rather than repressive.

The Justices of the Peace decided to arrest Hunt: When Sir Francis Burdett proposed a moderate reform of parliament in it was met with immediate rejection, and when Lord John Russell put forward the suggestion again in once again the motion was thrown out.How successfully did Lord Liverpool’s ministry deal with political and social unrest, ?

How serious were the radical challenges to Lord Liverpool’s government in the period from to ? ‘Never a serious threat.’ How far do you agree with this view of the radical challenge in the period from to ?

How successful was Lord Liverpool in responding to radical challenge from ? Some historians say that the radical challenges in this period were such a threat that the government needed to take immediate action to deal with the threat and could not take any chances so repressive measures needed to be taken to 'nip revolution in the.

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indeed the Radical threat grew during the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution inspired. In June Liverpool's father was elevated to the peerage as Earl of Liverpool; his son took the courtesy title of Lord Hawkesbury and was known as such until he inherited the title in Lord Liverpool made his first important speech as Prime Minister: The radical meeting on 15 November had been reconvened and Arthur Thistlewood.

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How successful was Lord Liverpool in responding to radical challenge from 1812-1822?

How serious was the Radical challenge to Lord Liverpool’s Government in the period from to ?

How did lord liverpool deal with the threat of radical challenges essay
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