His 115 outcomes of revolution

Within France, it ended the monarchy and led to the creation of the French Republic. The Revolution did not really resulted in permanent democratic rule being established in France, as Napoleon Bonaparte seized the power. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. Outside France, revolutionary ideas were exported to various countries.

By the end of the century nearly every European nation except Russia had a constitution and at least some democratic institutions. The Russian revolution traces its roots to the French revolution.

For example, Argentina in won its independence after driving out the Spanish army. In France became one of the the first nations to overthrow its king and set up a republic. But it infused the spirit of democratic freedom among the people of entire world, and promoted the ideas of liberty and equality.

Following this, in early 19th century, revolutions broke out in many parts of the Europe and national states were formed. It is also credited with accelerating the process of formation of republics and democracies around the globe. It led to the redistribution of church property to the government and to the people.

The ideas germinated during the revolution are also considered to be the reasons behind the universal suffrage and abolitionism movements in the 19th century.

It also established a constitution for ruling the country, rather than arbitrary ruling of the king. It affected the government system around the world and its traces were found in all subsequent revolutions around the world.

Equality before Law became the theme of many other national revolutions. Latin American countries colonized by Spain and Portugal were discontent with colonial rule and resented the political and economic restrictions imposed on them.

The most important contribution of the revolution is the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen, which made all citizens equal before law. Student Answers shamair Student The French Revolution inspired other countries in the world to seek change in their political system, especially countries that were colonized by European nations.

Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru all had military campaigns.His/ Appendix C - Outcomes of the Revolution, University of Phoenix Associate Level Material Appendix C Outcomes of the Revolution Part 1 Complete the grid by describing each military event and explaining its relationship to the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

What were the long term outcomes/effects of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution had several long term outcomes: It led to the fast development of republics and democracies around the world. The French Revolution occurred due to the oppressive nature of. Study Flashcards On HIS (VERSION 3) Week 3 Appendix C Outcomes of the Revolution at fresh-air-purifiers.com Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

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Military Event Description Relationship to the Outcome of the Revolutionary War Concord and Lexington.

His 115 outcomes of revolution
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