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Take time to dry. Lightly extend the product from your ankles to your feet and from your wrists to your hands. The multi-billion-dollar tanning bed industry wants you to think so.

This will help remove excess dead skin cells. In the intricate ballad of calcium regulation, when D goes Health benefits tanning, another hormone, parathyroid hormone, builds up and starts pulling calcium out of the skeleton.

Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found the 42 percent of African American women of childbearing age were deficient.

People who consumed the most vitamin D or had the highest levels of D in their blood had a lower risk of colon cancer. The active ingredient in most sunless tanning products is the color additive, dihydroxyacetone DHA. The dangers of not getting enough vitamin D are so great that experts say people should take a blood test for D levels once a year - just as they check their cholesterol regularly.

When it comes to government control, tanning booths are safer than most holistic remedies! However, besides being less potent, D2 supplements may actually do more harm than good overall. Knees, elbows and ankles tend to absorb more of sunless tanning products.

Melatonin, as you may recall, is also a potent antioxidant with cancer-fighting properties, so please do not underestimate the importance of daily UV exposure — as well as the avoidance Health benefits tanning artificial light after sunset.

New evidence presented in the April-June issue of Dermato-Endocrinology 1 confirms that exposure to the sun in appropriate and measured timeframes has a number of health benefits unrelated to vitamin D production, such as: Please understand it is only theoretically possible to get UVB rays during those times.

A third benefit, of course, is the production of vitamin D, necessary for growth and bone strength, as well as asthma prevention. An 8-ounce cup of milk contains almost IUs.

Notably, the devices will have to carry a visible, black-box warning stating that they should not be used by children and teenagers under age This article reveals the benefits of sun exposure and not merely swallowing a vitamin D tablet or capsule.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

The FDA also makes recommendations about how often you should receive a dose, stating you should wait hours between tanning sessions. How much these regulations are enforced, though, is questionable—and in at least one state, a survey of salons found that 65 percent allowed kids as young as 10 to tan.

And nowadays, scientists are linking low levels of D to cancer, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis. This process transforms the "pre-vitamin" D into a potent hormone called calcitriol. Researchers are also probing links between prostate, breast and ovarian cancers and a lack of sunshine and D.

When you bake under ultra-violet light, your body undergoes a number of changes, but only one that occurs in the thyroid gland is of particular concern to most Americans, according to the World Health Organization. At the top of the list? As the sunlamp industry cranks up its pro-tanning tactics, the government is finally cracking down on the devices.

Each exposure lasted six minutes.

Suntan benefits

Another unique fact is that most herbal remedies such as St. In truth, Health benefits tanning thyroid is the gland responsible for leaving large people large and skinny people skinny. Anna-Marija Tolppanen and colleagues from the England and Australia, including two of my heroes, John McGrath and William Fraser, simply measured 25 OH D2 and 25 OH D3 in 5, subjects at age 9 and then assessed for psychotic experience, such as hearing voices or seeing things that are not there, three years later.

Indeed, studies suggest that 30 to 40 percent of American and British elders with hip fractures were low on D. Is sunless tanning safe? I strongly recommend you avoid these types of beds and restrict your use of tanning beds to those that use electronic ballasts.

What About Vitamin D Lamps? Sunless tanning products, also called self-tanners, can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet UV rays.

This obviously does not occur in the winter for many of us in the U. Part of the evolving understanding of this nutrient is that scientists now think many tissues in the body - not just the liver and kidneys - can convert the pre-vitamin D to make their own disease-fighting calcitriol.

These warnings include the recommended maximum exposure levels which some tanning booths take to heart and make their policy as well as requiring that detailed operating instructions for the tanning booths that customers will be lying in be provided prior to first use. The lights may work, says Holick, because they boost calcitriol production by the kidneys, and calcitriol tamps down enzymes that cause blood vessels to constrict, a major cause of high blood pressure.

As for vitamin D—which is essential for strong bones and possibly has other health benefits—there is no reason to use a sunlamp, even one that is specially designed for vitamin D production see box below.

Find out how sunless tanning products work, including possible risks and how to get the best results. Since a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission inanother industry group, the Indoor Tanning Association, has been barred from making false claims about the health effects and safety of indoor tanning, which is perhaps why this new association has sprung up—with some of the same cast of characters.Remarkable health benefits of plant tannins.

Could Indoor Tanning Be Healthy?

Tannins are a broad class of compounds that is present in tea, red wine, cocoa, chocolates, coffee, some herbal preparations, grapes and certain fruits like blackberries and cranberries. Health Benefits Of Sunbathing And Sun Tanning By Jake Tyler Feb 13, 0 For most people, sunbathing is a healthy lifestyle for relaxation and taking time out from work and getting the skin bronzed.

Health Benefits of Tanning: Tanning is a great source of Vitamin D. Readers Digest June Cover Story. Reprinted from Reader's Digest, June edition. "More and more evidence is mounting that vitamin D plays an absolutely pivotal role in all aspects of human health," says Holick. A suntan, they say, is the body's best effort to fend off the known cancerous effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, the invisible portion of the light spectrum that penetrates the skin and mutates DNA, reports the July issue of the Harvard Health Letter.

I firmly believe in indoor tanning and all the health benefits it give to a person. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, hypothyroidism, blood clotting disorder, SAD, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, bad hips and knees and much more.

By Dr. Mercola. While discussions about the health benefits from sun exposure typically center around vitamin D, which your skin produces in response to UVB rays, UVB exposure actually has a number of other health effects unrelated to vitamin D production – whether it's from the sun or a tanning bed.

Health benefits tanning
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