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But the thing I would like to emphasize here is that what ever issue a company is dealing with, if the company wants to hold high standards and consistent practices, CEOs should follow the ethical standards in leading the company.

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Meanwhile, if she chose to change the corporate culture to a more ethical one by conducting an internal investigation, it will cause the executives of the company to go on the edge.

The next action she took was contacting a well-known law-firm to ask for advice, and probably running a probe, was the Hammond essay step. If the doubts are proven to be true and they are found guilty, it will not only put their jobs on the line, but also their reputation as professional executives and freedom are at risk.

Upon doing the investigation, she has to carefully think on how to respond appropriately after they found out either the company is found guilty of bribery practices. Cheryl is now faced with a dilemma of which action should she choose considering that it is also her first day of work as the appointed replacement CEO by the board.

Seeing this option from another perspective, if the news of the investigation into possibly illegal conduct is known to the World, it will cause a serious harm to the company, such as the negative outcome on stock sales and the result in loss of clients.

In addition to this, it will also cause some serious issues on trust, loyalty, and division problem within the company. There could be a possibility that the board had wanted her to conduct the investigation about these rumors.

For example, is it the right timing to be doing the investigation and how much time will be consumed for solving the issue?

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The new CEO Is currently confronted with the issue of whether to overlook any conceivable wrongdoing or keeps moving on and conducts an investigation on the matter that might uncover a possible corporate scandal. This approach might actually be beneficial because rumors are not proven and can be simply brush off as untrue.

She has to see and deal with this issue as the head of the company and not an outsider. Essay UK - http: Based on the case, after knowing about this matter, the first person she spoke to was Hank Bodine about her intention on doing the investigation.

He could be one of the parties involved in the corruption matter and he also opposes her entry into the company. For example, who can your trust, how to communicate with the board, how to control the situation with communication internally or externally.

The second strategy would be communication and networking strategy where communication is very needed, not only how to communicate but knowing whom you communicate with is very important.

If the result shows no evidence to corruption, she will be put in a bad position, which is why it is very important to see how far will the board support her regarding this issue.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Business work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. Each action that she will choose has its own consequence. It all actually depends on how well she manages and handles the crisis. Entering her first day as the CEO, she is aware of the rumor that has been circulating outside, about the company practicing bribery and the possibility of slush fund.The Revolution Of The Typewriter History Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, another notable model, the Hammond model, was created by James B. Hammond. Seeing the terrible misfortune Pratt had in the timing of his patent, Hammond offered Pratt a cash payment as well as a royalty if Pratt consented to leaving the.

Hammond House is a members' organisation and ethical publishing company, formed and operated by authors for authors to support emerging talent. When James Henry Hammond's marriage placed this plantation in his possession he had slaves he had to control.

He made a "system of roguery" to dominate his slaves. He discouraged slave society and their culture and created.

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A Case Study on Hammond Hospital Essay examples. Words: Pages: Open Document. Overview: Hammond General Hospital is a bed general hospital located in a Mid-western town of and serves a countrywide population of approximatelyRecently the board of directors at Hammond awarder the management.

Argument Paper, MLA Style (Hammond) Jamal Hammond Professor Paschal English 17 March XXXX Performance Enhancement through Biotechnology Has No. Date SMART CHOICES John Hammond is a former professor and a well-known management consultant at both Harvard and MIT.

He is also the coauthor of Strategic Market Planning and lives in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

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