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Much more money is being pumped into the coast in order to improve the areas and encourage people back. The most successful of these have been coast resorts such as Bournemouth and Brighton which are within easy access of London.

About a hundred countries currently utilize official, compulsory, national IDs for various purposes. Race, politics, and religion are often at the heart of older ID systems. The town fought a losing battle in the 70s when package holidays really took off.

Those problems still exist but thanks to the regeneration initiatives things are changing and people want to live there again and the future looks bright. In conjunction with the local authorities, North West Water Authority have undertaken a clean up of the coastal stretch fronting Blackpool, while, with the help of a government grant of?

Inthe Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification rejected the idea of a national identifier. The concept of a national ID card has been debated in the United States for over three decades.

Initially Morecambe lost many of its tourist attractions and the guest houses turned into houses of multiple occupation filled with benefits claimants. A similar proposal was presented in New Zealand a few years later and, under the leadership of the Auckland Council for Civil Liberties, an opposition campaign was formed and the proposal was abandoned.

There is some evidence of resort regeneration. ID cards would foster new forms of discrimination and harassment. Others, such as resorts like Skegness and Scarborough are less accessible and have less potential to attract much alternative growth.

While social and economic problems still persist elsewhere, there are reasons for optimism. What happens then when an ID card is stolen?

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There are also more cruise liners around now which means that more people go on cruises to be near the sea rather that to the beach. This is the same for a lot of seaside resorts. Robert Ellis Smith, a lawyer and privacy specialist, says the push for a national ID card is based on the false belief that there can be a simple, high-tech solution to an immensely complex problem.

Halt and show your papers!

Bush, thankfully, has publicly stated his opposition, saying that national ID cards are unnecessary to improve security. Retrieved Sep 12 from https: What proof may be used to decide who gets a card? Halt and show your papers!.

To my absolute horror, even Bill of Rights champion Alan Dershowitz has recently endorsed the concept, claiming it would reduce racial profiling! Even in democratic nations, police retain the right to demand ID on pain of detention. Card systems have been instituted to control the threat of insurgents or political extremists, to facilitate religious discrimination, to enforce quota systems, and to allow for social engineering.

Just look at this sampling of headlines from recent newspaper articles around the country: Terrorists and criminals will continue to be able to obtain--by legal and illegal means--the documents needed to get a government ID, such as a birth certificate.

The impact of such cards on controlling illegal immigration has been patchy. It took three years of hard work, but we finally laid this disturbing idea to rest.Free airport security papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over [tags: Argumentative Essay] Term Papers words | ( pages) You only had to show your ID when boarding and going through security checkpoints.

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halt and show your papers essay

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The Argumentative Essay. Learning Objectives. Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to: and that do not show signs of quieting any time soon.

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Halt and show your papers essay
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