Getting fired

Then you need to envision giant tufts of wiry white hair sprouting out from the neck of his company logoed polo shirt.

Moving On: How I Found Happiness After Getting Fired

Getting fired is a traumatic experience and one way to process trauma is to put pen to paper and see what comes up. Stop thinking about what everyone else is doing, and just focus on you. Go ahead and let it out.

I was spending about 10 hours a day on my job search, and thought his numbers were wrong.

14 Secret Signs You Might Be Getting Fired

I was depressed, I felt like I was spinning my wheels, and I honestly wondered if I was even qualified to Getting fired burgers at the local fast food joint.

Use these tips to bounce back from a bad performance review. I had lost myself in this gloom, and it was hard to pull myself out of it. What do I want to do? But only for a limited time. Your list can be limitless. Second, reflect on what you want to do next. The less work you take on, the easier it is to give you the pink slip.

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Have Difficult Conversations Reach out to trustworthy former colleagues and request honest feedback. How was your last job? Even if you have no training or degree for whatever it is that makes your heart sing, put it on your Dream Job List.

Read as many stories as you can stand about people who lost their job and overcame rejection. Do you Getting fired coaching in a certain area, such as time management? As I shuffled back to my office, I saw a co-worker carrying a grungy box overflowing with her stuff.

Ask her to meet for coffee to divulge her secret. Even if you were struggling in your position or were increasingly unhappy, losing your job sudddenly can feel like failure personified. Create the systems and have the discipline to do a real job search. Now it seems like nothing you do is good enough and everything annoys her.

Be Mercilessly Authentic You remember who you are, right? I read my 8, back issues of Oprah and Sunset. You have no idea who you are away from the mind-numbing meetings and invalidating supervisor?

These are productive ways you can make the most out of getting fired. Turn your job loss into an opportunity. Even if it takes swallowing some pride, send a note to your former supervisor, thanking her for the opportunity to work in the organization and offering your assistance should she ever need help in the future.

Also watch how she evaluates you work. You might have three years or 30 years invested in your job or your company, and may never have thought about making a big change, but now is the perfect time to reevaluate the situation.

Was the company a great fit for you? You might even find yourself feeling excited about what lies ahead. As I walked through the huge glass doors at the front of the building, and said goodbye to the security guard one last time, it was without one ounce of baggage.

But, it can also open doors and lead to great and unexpected opportunities. When fewer and fewer people are reporting to you, your decreased performance hurts the company.

Let me tell you that this thinking is seriously flawed.Rumors spread fast, and if people in your office expect you’re getting laid off, they’re bound to talk about it among themselves. They may purposely avoid running into you out of guilt—or fear of an awkward. Lost your job recently?

Chances are you didn't tell your friends and family that you got fired. Instead, you likely used a euphemism to help soften the blow, such as saying you retired early, separated from your company or were eased out, for example.

Or perhaps you went with the most popular reason being used these days: getting laid off. Ultimately, when it comes to getting fired, all you can do is own it.

8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

And when the subject comes up in your next job interview—and you know it will—you can make sure you’re prepared to address it honestly, while still framing yourself in the best possible light.

Getting fired from a job was one of the hardest things that ever happened to me. Okay, well, technically I was laid off. But that doesn’t change the sentiment when you pack your bags and drive away from your job, leaving your professional identity behind and gaining a new identity as “Unemployed Person.”.

Getting fired is a traumatic experience and one way to process trauma is to put pen to paper and see what comes up. Venting about the whole odyssey in my journal grounded me. Unloading negative feelings helped me move forward in a way that felt focused, not panicked. In most states, fired employees can collect unemployment benefits if they weren’t let go for intentional misconduct.

Go to the doctor.

Getting fired
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