Film review 12 years a slave essay

Actually seeing everything take place makes it that much more real. Alone, these shots would inspire wonder, but in the context of this film they make us feel more forlorn, as if the ugliness of man is encroaching on the natural beauty of the world.

12 Years a Slave (2013)

Confused and shocked, Solomon is thrust into the horrors and cruelty of the slave trade. Was this review helpful? Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon Northup.

Film Review 12 Years a Slave Essay

The director did a great job by summarizing the immoral aspect of slavery closer to the end of movie. Here is where Solomon endures the most cruelty and sees how devastating life as a slave truly is. Not long after the contactor leaves, help finds its way to Solomon in the form of an old friend, Mr.

He plays Edwynn Epps, a vicious and demonic slaver and perhaps the most loathsome and disgusting character ever put on screen. Except that McQueen is not a schlockmeister sensationalist but a remorseless artist". In 12 Years a Slave, slavery is shown as a horrifying and destructive social construct that drains the humanity from everyone it touches, turning good men into moral quandaries, turning flawed men into monsters, and turning an entire race of people into livestock and tools.

McQueen does, however, make excellent use of his studious camera and its exhaustive meditations, dwelling on faces as if to unearth their innermost thoughts, and music, which provokes anticipation and foreshadows continued despair, few hopes, and great adversity.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about 12 Years a Slave is the way that it portrays slavery itself. Moving walls are generally represented in years. Also he is a proud man as it hurts him that his wife, Margaret, has to cook for another family to earn money for the family.

Both of which serve to make the topic digestible. Despite that, she retains a level of innocence that only heightens the tragedy of her character. He meets Patsey, a young black woman who is admired by Master Epps. It actually gets to the point where simply looking at this character might be enough to bring you to tears.

Solomon is sold to Master Epps of a cotton plantation. He worships his master, even though The Master treats him the same way he treats his pet.

This is the kind of movie that makes you realize and appreciate the time you live in.

12 Years a Slave Essay

We can see that kidnapping of African Americans from the free slates were the usual thing and you can lose everything you worked for over the night. He comes off as a relatively good man who is trapped within the powerful confines of the institution of slavery.

To say this is the best film ever made about slavery feels trivial, as slavery is a subject in film that has been shown with naive romanticism from films like Gone With the Wind or silly exploitation from something like Django Unchained.

Stephanie Zacharek of The Village Voice was more critical of the film. It is a harsh reality that most people in society do not like to face.

List of accolades received by 12 Years a Slave film 12 Years a Slave has received numerous awards and nominations. This provokes those preconceived notions of the ideas of slavery and causes viwers to be more respectful to those who have suffered and for people who are still being oppressed today.

The director depicted the problem of slavery on three fundamental levels — historical, personal and moral — to create full experience for the audience.

But in approaching the adaptation by John Ridley in such a manner, the audience is subjected to more than two hours of egregious callousness, predominantly absent of the small wins that orchestrate a dynamic moviegoing experience involving stark tragedies.Film Review 12 Years a Slave Based on a true story, 12 Years a Slave depicts the journey of a free black man in the s that is kidnapped and sold into southern slavery.

12 Years a Slave () on IMDb: Was this review be a film that you would watch again. "12 Years a Slave" is neither. "12 Years a Slave" falls squarely in.

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Essay Review I—12 Years a Slave:Narrative, History, and Film and Rescued in was one of the most popular of the late antebellum first-hand accounts of southern slavery.

Watch video · 12 Years A Slave, review: 'This, at last, really is history written with lightning' 5 another film centred on a slave’s survival in the antebellum South. 12 Years a Slave is a period drama film and an adaptation and highlighted a essay by review aggregator, assigned the film a weighted.

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Film review 12 years a slave essay
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