Ethics and ethical behavior

Unfortunately, retaliation is a real possibility that these whistle-blowers face. Likewise, an accountant who cooks the books might save the business money initially, but that action could lead to significant legal trouble for all involved.

Sometimes, that may mean redirection or a verbal warning. Either way, sticking to the consequences outlined in your code of ethics shows how serious it is to your business. You can avoid some of these problems with regular training and a zero-tolerance policy.

Company Behavior Policies All companies specify what is acceptable behavior, and what is not, when hiring an employee. These plans last for a specified time limit, like a month or a quarter, and reward employees who exhibit certain behaviors in that time. You can hire people who spend their lives studying and teaching these subjects.

Build Customer Loyalty Consumers may let a company take advantage of them once, but if they believe they have been treated unfairly, such as by being overcharged, they will not be repeat customers. Workers with integrity also avoid gossip and sneakiness while on the job. One strategy is to include this subject in annual performance reviews, especially with senior staff.

How to Teach Employees Ethical Behavior While defining your expectations in a written code of ethics is an excellent start, it is not the only thing great leaders should do. For example, health care employees who work with mentally or physically challenged patients must possess a high degree of integrity, as those who manage and work primarily with money.

Positive Work Environment Employees have a responsibility to be ethical from the moment they have their first job interview. Nudge programs can help everyone build new habits and feel like they are working toward something.

Whether the employee takes products, forges checks or lies about their travel expenses, it is theft.

The Advantages of Ethical Behavior in Business

It can be downright impossible to get your employees to act morally if they see that you do no such thing. Being Part of a Team A vital aspect of the workplace is working well with others.

Instead, seek input from people throughout the organization. Your code of ethics should also clearly outline a protocol for when things go wrong.

After all, the best employees with high moral standards will often leave a company that does not meet those standards. If you ignore blatant abuse, for example, you could end up facing a negligence lawsuit from the victim.

ethical behavior

For example, you can offer incentives through "nudge" programs. Many human resource professionals, as well as hiring managers, understand the importance of hiring people of integrity.

The Importance of Integrity A key component of workplace ethics and behavior is integrity, or being honest and doing the right thing at all times. While your industry may have unique ethical considerations, there are a few things almost all codes should address.of or relating to ethics; Some doctors feel that this procedure is not medically ethical.

Workplace Ethics & Behavior

the ethical behavior expected of every member of the police force. Definition of ethical behavior: Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.

Religion can set high ethical standards and can provide intense motivations for ethical behavior. Ethics, ethical. But standards of behavior in society can. Military Ethical Decision Making: The Effects of Option Choice and Perspective Taking on Moral Decision-Making Processes and Intentions.

Jun 30,  · A company's ethics helps to shape the behavior of its employees. When a company values integrity, fairness and honesty, every aspect of the business often improves.

Ethics & Behavior | Citations: | This compelling journal publishes articles on an array of topics pertaining to various moral issues and conduct. These matters may include but are not.

Ethics and ethical behavior
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