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Rejection almost exactly three months after submission with suggestion that I send it to a more specialized journal.

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December Edit Speedy one-line rejection. I did not agree with one of the readers but the editor mediated it fairly. The comment pointed out positive aspects as well as shortcomings of the essay.

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A week later, had very kind email explaining that the topic was not well-known enough for them. Received a rejection originially mailed to my old institution months ago not quite sure why I never received it after requesting an update via snail mail.

Essays in criticism : a quarterly journal of literary criticism.

Rejection three months from submission. I appreciated the quick and professional rejection. If you do not select the open access option, your paper will be published with standard subscription-based access and you will not be charged. Very efficient editorial team and generous copy-editing.

This removes the annoyance of having a wild-card second or third reader involved in later stages of revision. Finally had an essay accepted after four back-and-forths with the reader.

English Literary History Edit Produced an article that Essays in criticism journal directly with an aspect of lit. Although I was not orginally asked for revisions, the text was fairly heavily copy-edited when it was returned to me for review most suggested edits were sensible and welcome.

The experience was encouraging enough for me to try again with an article that speaks a bit more broadly to both my period and literary studies. We are always frustrated by these delays, since we have all suffered at the hands of slow journals ourselves!

Sent in an article hardcopy, as directed in December There was a longer delay than originally promised, and the essay is now set appear in a issue luckily I was not in a position to need the article in print quickly.

Instead, the reader quibbled with the wording of one of my footnotes for a few paragraphs. This ensures that request from third parties to reproduce articles are handled efficiently and consistently and will also allow the article to be as widely disseminated as possible.

But in general, we try to be as prompt as possible with our limited staff without moving to the "no reports" model that a few other journals in our field use. Another reason they are good for this is that you work only with one reader across all revisions; your revisions always go back to the same person.

This turned out to be a joke and waste of my time. Rejected after six weeks with a brief reviewer comment.

No reader reports were provided, but it is my understanding that ELH does not usually provide reader comments part of the reason why they have a quick turn-around time.The main body of his purely literary criticism, with the exception of a few scattered essays, is to be found in the lectures On Translating Homer (), and The Study of Celtic Literature (), and in the two volumes entitled Essays in Criticism (, ).

Genre/Form: Criticism, interpretation, etc Periodicals Electronic journals Periodical Internet resource Périodiques: Additional Physical Format: Essays in criticism. About the journal. Founded inby F. W. Bateson, Essays in Criticism soon achieved world-wide circulation, and is today regarded as one of Britain's most distinguished journals of literary.

Oct 15,  · English Literature Journals. Add topic. Essays in Criticism Edit. An Online Journal of Brief Essays and Untimely Reviews in Renaissance Literature Edit. Get this from a library!

Essays in criticism: a quarterly journal of literary criticism. ESSAYS IN CRITICISM A QUARTERLY JOURNAL FOUNDED BY F. W.

Essays in criticism journal

BATESON Vol. XXXVIII January No. 1 Folly and Madness in The Changeling JOOST DAALDER THE CHALLENGE OF The Changeling is, to put it.

Essays in criticism journal
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