Essay on marine biodiversity in india

Several species that inhabited Earth earlier are now extinct and many other are feared to be extinct in the coming years. Need for Conservation of Biodiversity If we continue to lose different species of flora and fauna at this speed, our survival will become extremely difficult on Earth.

This variety contributes towards making our planet inhabitable.

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As per estimate given by Robert May, about 1,00, plant species and about 3,00, animal species are yet to be discovered in India. Causes of Extinction of Biodiversity: A correlation is also found for a wide variety of taxonomic groups such as ants, birds, butterflies and moths.

Conclusion Thus, the richness of biodiversity is essential for the survival of living beings on Earth. Biodiversity loss is now one of the most pressing crises. There is a need to maintain rich biodiversity as it helps in maintaining the ecological balance on Earth.

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Biodiversity is said to have three hierarchical levels, or components: There are many animal gods as well like Matsya, Narsimha and Hanuman. Biodiversity in modern agriculture is beneficial due to: Rich biodiversity thus helps in the process of food chain.

Desert Kutch and Thar with 2 provinces.

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It is seen that some exotic species may kill or eat the native species thereby causing its extinction. It is essential to grow more sensitive towards the environmental concerns.

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The occurrence of various kinds of flora and fauna in a region reflects its biological diversity or biodiversity. The vehicular smoke that leads to massive air pollution is becoming a threat to various species. Invasive species are considered second only to habitat destruction as a major cause of extinction of species.

This has had a big impact on the other species living in those areas. Unless some legal value is attached to biodiversity, it will not be possible to protect the rapid extinction of species. Twenty five per cent of drugs in pharmacy are got from only about species of plants.Free Essay: The Future of Biodiversity in India THE FUTURE OF BIODIVERSITY IN INDIA INDIA is not only gifted with cultural diversity, geographical diversity.

Dec 24,  · Find long and short essay on Conservation of Biodiversity in English language for Children and Students. marine creatures, Seasons in India Essay. India is one of the twelve mega diversity nations of the world due to the following reasons: (i) It has % of the global fauna and % of global flora as per the data collected by Ministry of Environment and forest.

Biodiversity is comprised of the totality of genes, species and ecosystems of a region. The occurrence of various kinds of flora and fauna in a region reflects its.

• Essay competition 17 In this exhibition we have posters on different Ecosystems of India, Biodiversity of Terrestrial, freshwater and marine.

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India contributes to per cent of global marine biodiversity and per cent of global faunal diversity. protected marine fauna A total of areas ( National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, 26 Community Reserves and 67 Conservation Reserves) have been declared as protected areas in India.

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18 biosphere reserves have also been declared .

Essay on marine biodiversity in india
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