Editorial response system

Begin with a strong thesis statement that shows why you agree or disagree with the editorial.

How to Write an Editorial Response

Are the premises of the argument supportable? Write the specific details of the analysis in the main body. This realization first became a conscious one for me when my family and I were building a house at the same time that I was researching a problem in number theory.

Editorial Response

But they loved solving problems. What is it about the editorial that you find convincing or unconvincing? For another thing, reality is relative. Editorial writers have different writing styles and, to be blunt, some are better writers than others. Major issues and policies are argued for and against in major papers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Common Core describes an approach to precollege mathematics based on mathematical coherence, showing how a small number of general-purpose ideas can be used to build a textured and intricate edifice of results and methods that have utility all over mathematics, science, and everyday life.

My colleague Paul Goldenberg talks about the popular puzzle books that one finds for sale at the checkouts of many supermarkets. Many of the students in my high school classes came from situations that many of us would find hard to imagine; the last thing they cared about was how to balance a checkbook or figure the balance on a savings account.

But what the students meant was that it felt more like real work, more like the kind of thinking they must do when they are solving a real problem. Perhaps you think the writer is partially right or partially wrong. Sometimes a point of view is put forth in a logical fashion with premises, argumentative steps, and a conclusion.

Include the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Tips for Writing a Critique 1 Read the editorial at least twice. This was at the end of the first term; up to that point, students had been experimenting with recursively defined functions, modeled in a CAS on their calculators, finding closed forms for such functions, proving that their closed forms and the recursive models were equal on the non-negative integers by mathematical induction, and then doing a bit with Lagrange interpolation.

The editorial ignores another distinguishing objective of Common Core: The length of the analysis depends on the context of the paper.

Carefully reading through the editorial a second time may reveal details and specifics that you failed to see on the initial reading.

One of the purposes of a rough draft clarify your own point of view. The arguments are variations on themes that have surfaced and been debunked many times over the past century. The only general rule is that students, like all people, get great satisfaction from figuring things out. This may suggest a different but equivalent way of writing the expression that exhibits some different aspect of its meaning.

However, a critique cannot simply stop with espousing your agreement or disagreement. What mattered was that they got a chance to exercise their own creativity. What is the particular point of view the author is trying to get across?

But this is precisely what makes the standards so compelling. Determine what type of writing strategy the author is utilizing.

Response to a NYT editorial

When I started teaching high school, I thought that mathematics was an ever-growing body of knowledge.Welcome to the official website of the Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada! This site is intended to inform members, retirees and the general public of the functions and benefits of the Retirement System.

Read the editorial closely and carefully so that you fully understand the main idea and argument. Part 2: Write a word response to the editorial. Your response must be words exactly. After you have typed the response, you should count each word in the sentence and put the word count for that sentence in the right-hand margin.

Carefully reading through the editorial a second time may reveal details and specifics that you failed to see on the initial reading. (2) Make an outline of the major points of the editorial.

Editorial writers have different writing styles and, to be blunt, some are better writers than others. Aug 01,  · The midterms are approaching, and the president has yet to get serious about protecting the nation’s electoral system from cyberinvasion.

By The Editorial. EDITORIAL: EMS system deadly hodgepodge. The biggest problem with the emergency response system in New Jersey is the lack of state or municipal oversight of groups that provide basic life support — mostly volunteer rescue squads — and the lack of training requirements for those responding to basic life support calls.

Aug 31,  · The editorial asks us to “Imagine replacing the sequence of algebra, geometry and calculus with a sequence of finance, data and basic engineering.” I just did the exercise and concluded that the result would be a program organized around a set of special-purpose techniques that would likely be out of date by the time students .

Editorial response system
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