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The Ebola virus is one genus among two others, Ebola hemorrhagic fever essay include Marburgvirus and Cuevavirus.

This makes it possible for the virus to be spread by sexual contact. My interest in the disease is that it is very unique in the sense that it devastates the body in a way that no other virus can.

About this resource This Health essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. The invaded cell then loses contact with its basement membrane and detaches from its neighbors MicrobeWiki, Infection Mechanism of genus Ebolavirus.

Also be sure to avoid possible injuries in any way, a transfer of blood or other bodily fluids is how this disease is contracted. The natural reservoir for Ebola viruses has not been identified and … because of the high mortality rate seen in apes they are unlikely to be the reservoir Le Guenno et al They have contributed over 6oo million dollars and plan to keep offering help until a viable vaccine is found.

The stated evidence above proves the contention of this essay is correct, the contention being; historically Ebola has had a serious impact on human health and hygiene and still does due to the fact of no cure being discovered, but because of improvements in scientific and medical knowledge it is now a controllable problem.

This disease was initially discovered in the year of in two different locations. It is a disease that has also been a severe problem in Africa, there it has been around for a very long time and is the death of thousands and thousands of people a year.

Your kidneys as well as your liver will start slowing down and then you will begin to bleed both on the inside and on the outside. Although not everyone is out there treating patients face to face, every small thing counts.

Simply stay as clean as possible and do not go anywhere that has been linked to the virus any time soon. The Ebola virus has a tropism for liver cells and macrophages, macrophages are cells that engulf bacteria and help the body defend against disease.

Diagnosis of the disease is found by these methods: I would also try to instill urgency into the speech by emphasizing its potential to spread further than Africa if it is not given more attention.

The virus is named after the Ebola River Valley in the Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly Zairewhich is near the site of the first recognized outbreak in at a mission hospital run by Flemish nuns.

What is Ebola Virus Disease?

As of now, there is no known vaccine for the Ebola virus or any specific treatment that can alleviate the symptoms. It is caused by an infection with one of five known Ebola virus species, four of which can cause disease in people: Despite its status as a Level-4 organism, it is non-pathogenic to humans although hazardous in monkeys.

A Swiss female zoologist, who performed an autopsy on a chimpanzee infected with the same virus in the wild, contracted it.

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Search our thousands of essays: It is known for causing a high fever and is linked to vast bleeding that is internal. The disease, for humans, is not airborne, capable to be passed on through air travel, but for nonhuman primates it has been a possibility in a few cases.

I would also look to contact researchers art NIH on more information on the status of Ebola research and how the money from a venture capitalist can have a significant impact on the potential cures for this disease.

There is no cure or vaccine and it is still unclear if blood from survivors that contain antibodies can be used to synthesize a serum to treat the disease with. Again the setting for the small epidemic was a hospital setting with inadequate supplies and unsanitary conditions.

Ebola Sudan also occurred in about the same time as Ebola Zaire. The genus Ebolavirus is comprised of five distinct species: The several cycles of replication occur in a primate before the onset of the fever and other clinical manifestations Ornstein, Matthews and Johnson 7.

Some patients have had symptoms subside with the transfusion of survivors blood but not connection to the antibodies and the relief of the illness was proven.

Another fatal case was reported one year later in Zaire but nothing major ever became of it. Scientists do not know where Ebola virus comes from.

This is the only know case of Ebola Tai and is the first recorded case that infection of a human has been linked to naturally infected monkeys anywhere on the African continent.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is potentially lethal and encompasses a range of symptoms including fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, generalized pain or malaise, and sometimes internal and external bleeding.The Ebola hemorrhagic fever is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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This free Health essay on Essay: Ebola is perfect for Health students to use as an example. This free Health essay on Essay: Ebola is perfect for Health students to use as an example. Much is not known about the specific mechanisms of Ebola, but the mechanisms in which the Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever is clearly defined as follows.

Hire an Essay Writer > kidney failure, hypotension, and, possibly, death. The incubation period for Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever ranges from days (JAMA ).

The blood fails to clot and patients may bleed from injections sites and into the gastrointestinal tract, skin and internal organs (Ebola Info. from the CDC 2).

Now in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the Ebola Virus is defined as follows, Ebola Virus: an RNA virus (genus Filovirus of the family Filoviridae) of African origin that causes an often fatal hemorrhagic fever.

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Ebola: A Media Induced Frenzy

Virus and Bacteria. Words | 7 Pages. Essay about Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. Words | 6 Pages. Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is a severe, often-fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys and chimpanzees) that has appeared sporadically since its initial recognition in - Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is a severe, often-fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys and chimpanzees) that has appeared sporadically since its initial recognition in

Ebola hemorrhagic fever essay
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