Disc platinum rule assessment paper

In our learning team we have examined our own behavioral styles and compared our behavioral styles. The Steadiness Styles are also described as action-oriented.

I also agree with the report because I always see to it that everything in my life is in place. Individual Behavioral StylesThere are five behavioral styles in our group; each one of us possessing a different style.

I keep my desk neat and tiny. In social settings that focus on a positive, upbeat, warm approach, listen to their personal feelings and experiences, publicly and privately acknowledge and focus on how glad when interactive behavioral style person succeed Alessandra, T.

Interaction style is quick rhythm and humanist. Interactive styles are idea people. These words describe the strengths of the Steadiness Styles, and depict what characteristics help them in order to accomplish their life goals.

These desirable characters all in all will get them jobs that are appropriate to their attitudes such as a financial advisor, an insurance agent, a counselor, a teacher or a social worker, doctor or nurse, personal assistance, a customer service representatives, and the likes as cited in the DISC Platinum Assessment report.

They influence others and shape their environment by bringing others into alliance to accomplish results. Behavior such as this is not beneficial for the team working at accomplishing an assigned task.

I notice that is important to lead people and follow people. For example, I would persuade team member or coworker to change their opinion or thought for project, give team member or coworker about my thought with better solution.

This can be both beneficial and a burden to the team.

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Paper

The Impresser will work harder while working in groups and judge members by their ability to create the best way to accomplish a goal. However, she does not want to win at any cost or hurt others feelings.

I would use positive attitude talk to people for persuading, most time people would change their decision. This would hurt the career of the Steadiness Styles if they are unable to pick themselves up and act accordingly to the changes that are required of them.

The Steadiness Styles ask for opinions from other people and they think about all the options that are available before finally choosing one absolute path to take. They need to motivate themselves go beyond what they already know and discover a whole lot of unexplored ideas and thoughts that would contribute to their knowledge and experience, adding to their character and sense of being.

The purpose of the Steadiness Styles in their daily living activities is to soothe them and find comfort in stability. Change is a natural process that individuals cannot avoid; therefore, it is about time that the Steadiness Styles train themselves to handle change better.

Taking shortcuts seems like cheating so she avoids such behavior. They love an audience and thrive on involvement with people.

In short, they should be able to handle stress and pressure that sudden changes eventually bring to them. It would help them a great deal if they learn how to think and analyze things by tapping into their creativity and innovativeness.

Overall, the DISC Platinum Assessment activity has been engaging because it mirrors, although not entirely, who I am, and it gives suggestions on how I should change myself in order to become a better person and in turn, achieve my life goals straightforwardly. These idea people excel at getting others motivated to accomplish goals.

In short, their goodness when it comes to listening and being trustworthy comes back to them as expressed by the people with the same attitude who will also listen to and support them willingly. The Interactive style members of our team are enthusiastic, friendly individuals who enjoy being acknowledged, admired or complimented by peers.

They tend to work quickly and enthusiastically with others.

Disc Platinum Rule Assessment

While Impressers are concerned about making a negative impression, they are also hard driven and may blow off steam due to stress caused by such problems as an approaching deadline. Although they may not appear to be the life of the party like the Interactive Styles, the Steadiness Styles draw attention from people just the same because they are good listeners.

Behaving in such a manner will make a dominant behavior style more adaptable when working with other behavioral styles. My main behavioral style is interactive style, substyles of interactive style is the Helper.

Interactive styles are stimulating, talkative and gregarious. I am quite uncomfortable with conflict, aggression and anger; I would focus on follow-through process for project without conflict. We have Michele, the impresser, Layne is the assessor, Kelli is the enthusiast, Tony is the producer and Cameron is the helper.

This style is the predominant style of behavior for two members of our team. The best way for Impressers to overcome this would be through time management courses to deal with pressure, pacing the work schedule to maintain the overall perspective and in acting less emotional or intense over issues that are not as critical to the productivity of the team.DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Paper (4 Pages | Words) DISC Platinum Rule Assessment PaperThere are many behavioral styles throughout the fresh-air-purifiers.com people possess many different behavioral styles with which allow the world to work fluently with different types of people and cultures.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the different behavior styles as defined by the DISC Platinum Rule assessment and how it relates to learning team members. The DISC Platinum Rule breaks out into four dimensions of behavior. Disc Platinum Rule Assessment. DiSC® Platinum Rule Assessment Society as a whole exhibits multiple behaviors that affect not.

I took The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment test this week. Behavioral styles are an integral part to the dynamics of team or group and in order to have effective team, individual must understand personal behavioral style to make up with others in organization or team.

DISC Online Assessment Now, you can harness the power of DISC online assessments to gain valuable insight into what makes you and the people around you tick. DISC assessments are accurate psychological tests built from the renowned research of respected psychologist William Moulton Marston, which aim to classify subjects' behavior.

DISC ° Platinum Rule ® Completing the Platinum Rule online assessment only takes minutes to learn what makes you tick. Once completed, you will receive your in-depth Platinum Rule Report. It describes your behavioral tendencies in your interactions with others at work and in social settings.

Disc platinum rule assessment paper
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