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He was trained as an Italian interpreter and sent to the Balkans where he served in Albania, and later in Croatia.

Furthermore, his book on the Crusades had been a thinly-veiled critique of a political value system that raised war and imperialism to the level of a religious creed. In the Dieckmann thesis, Erdmann was recruited by the Monumenta Germaniae Historica MGHthe prestigious historical institute dedicated Dieckmann thesis Dieckmann thesis critical editing and publishing of sources relating to German history in the medieval period.

Towards the end ofErdmann was conscripted into the Wehrmacht and the administration of the MGH, by now in the hands of academics friendly to the Nazi regime, declined to intervene on his behalf.

During this period, Erdmann made a number of critically important contributions to the study of epistolary literature in the Middle Ages and the role letters exchanged among bishops, abbots, kings Dieckmann thesis other elites played in communicating political ideas. Inhe submitted a manuscript at the University of Berlin on the origins of the idea of Crusade in the medieval West which earned him his Habilitationor qualification for appointment to an academic professorship.

Political problems and military service[ edit ] Under normal circumstances, a position at the MGH would have led to a prestigious university chair in medieval history within a few years and no-one doubted that Erdmann was the brightest rising young star in his field.

Aus dem Nachlass des Verfassers, ed. Following the completion of his degree, he worked for several years at the Prussian Historical Institute in Rome today the German Historical Institute editing material relating to papal relations with Portugal and various other topics in church history that attracted his attention.

MGH Deutsches Mittelaler 1 His job allowed him time to explore the archives and libraries of Lisbon and other cities, where he collected and studied enough material to form the basis of a doctoral dissertation on the history of the Crusades in medieval Portugal.

He later expanded this thesis and published it under the title Die Entstehung des Kreuzugsgedanken The Origins of the Idea of Crusading in It was finally sent to press by the MGH in the s. Born in Dorpat now TartuEstonia and raised in Blankenburg am HarzSaxony-Anhalthe initially studied to be a Lutheran minister in Berlin, but abandoned this vocation in to study history in Munich.

Although Erdmann continued to work at the MGH, his liberal views and refusal to join or endorse the Nazi Party effectively blacklisted him from further academic advancement, particularly at the university level.

Erdmann remained in Portugal for four years and developed a deep interest in the language, history and culture of the country, particularly its medieval religious heritage. The Origin of the Idea of Crusade, trans. As an academic researcher wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the MGH, Erdmann was assigned the task of preparing editions for a number of important manuscript letter collections from the eleventh century relating to the history of the Investiture Controversy and Gregorian Reform.

Friedrich Baethgen Berlin, However, inand particularly afterGerman academic institutions and universities began to implement political controls in line with the policies of the new Nazi government.

He died of typhus in an army camp near Zagreb on 5 March His final masterpiece, the critical edition of the letter collections from the reign of Henry IVwas largely completed by the early s, but could not be printed due to wartime difficulties.

Studien zur Briefliteratur Deutschlands im XI.Ulf Dieckmann. This material has first appeared in as Volume of the Reports of the Research Center J¨ulich The thesis is devided into three parts.

Carl Erdmann

Nathan F. Dieckmann, Ph.D.

Decision Research Oak Street Eugene, Unpublished Master’s Thesis, University of Oregon. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Dieckmann, N. F. The original thesis has been scanned and then converted into an electronic text version by using OCR software. All equations were retyped.

During this process, some minor typographic errors were removed (and some others possibly have been added unintentionally and were not caught during proof reading). Janina Dieckmann, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Sonderforschungsbereich RessourcenKulturen Department, Graduate Student.

Studies Viking Age Scandinavia, Gotland, and Gotland Archaeology.

Ralph Dieckmann: Thesis Title: Refining Grain Size in Pure Ti and Nb-1%Zr Using Severe Plastic Deformation Along Different Strain Paths: Dates. Sub-Doppler Cooling of Lithium Atoms in a Gray Optical Molasses, C. L. Satter, Master's Thesis, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, ().

Spectroscopy of Ultracold 6 Li 40 K Molecules, Mark Lam, PhD Thesis, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of .

Dieckmann thesis
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