Determination of job satisfaction factors

The five reasons most often identified are: Following these steps will help an administrator develop an effective training program to ensure that the firm keeps qualified employees who are productive, happy workers. Questions to consider before training begins include: Personal Variables For some people, it appears most jobs will be dissatisfying irrespective of Determination of job satisfaction factors organizational condition involved, whereas for others, most jobs will be satisfying.

Also, a skills inventory can help determine the skills possessed by the employees in general. Identifying Training Needs Training needs can be assessed by analyzing three major human resource areas: Employee failure in the program is not only damaging to the employee but a waste of money as well.

The most common way of measurement is the use of rating scales where employees report their reactions to their jobs.

These factors give them a sense of satisfaction through the achievement of personal and company goals. According to him, he explained 3 theories of remuneration: Coding refers to assigning number or other symbols to each answer for placing them in categories to prepare data for tabulation refers to bring together the similar data in rows and columns and totaling them in an accurate and meaningful manner The collected data are analyzed and interpreted in the form of tables and pie charts which represented the data in percentage of the respondents against various variables Table 1: Various steps, which are required to fulfill the purpose, i.

Inemployees between the ages 35 to 44 reported the highest job satisfaction at The first several days on the job are crucial in the success of new employees. To carter the power need of the plant, one out of the two 1.

5 Key Factors to Finding Job Satisfaction

This point is illustrated by the fact that 60 percent of all employees who quit do so in the first ten days. They must be aware of the nowledge and skills necessary to make a productive employee.

What motivated me to accept this job in the first place? Descriptive research answers the questions who, what, where, when and how… Although the data description is factual, accurate and systematic, the research cannot describe what caused a situation.

Motivators are factors which result in psychological growth. All other things being equal these two variables are positively related to job satisfaction. Role playing and simulation are training techniques that attempt to bring realistic decision making situations to the trainee.

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According to Abrahan A. Measuring Job Satisfaction There are many methods for measuring job satisfaction. No matter what method is used, it is important that the newcomer understand his or her new place of employment.

Agency Theory Raoreveal in his study that Job satisfaction refer to person feelings of satisfaction on the job, which acts as a motivation to work. Employee Training and Development Get more information on Entrepreneurship The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a small business.

Your firm should know where it wants to be in five years from its long-range strategic plan. Some other determines of job satisfaction are as follows: Job satisfaction is very important because most of the people spend a major of their life at their work place. Job satisfaction or a lack thereof influences not only employees but also the organizations they feel dissatisfied with.

It was an improvement to the job Descriptive Index because the JDI focused too much on individual facets and not enough on work satisfaction in general. There are many outside training sources, including consultants, technical and vocational schools, continuing education programs, chambers of commerce and economic development groups.

It may be found in a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Why do they buy from you? Next, determine exactly where training is needed. The results of the study revealed that attitudes namely satisfaction and involvement, and performance are significantly correlated.

Discrepancy Theory Khan In this way, they do not lose time while they are learning. With a little effort, you can either find the job that is best suited to meet your individual needs or learn to find fulfillment in the one you already have. The Steel Tubes industry too witnessed growth during the year under review and the market growing steadily due to the boom in infrastructure sector.Job satisfaction is closely related to motivation level of the employees which depends on many factors such as monetary and non monetary benefits, working environment, co-workers, nature of the job etc., when all these factors are kept in proper levels the employee satisfaction level increases or remain maintained.

Job satisfaction refers to overall positive feelings towards a job.

Determination of Job Satisfaction Factors

As Locke defines job satisfaction is, “Pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job experiences.” What in terms of job satisfaction counts is the attitude of an employee towards his job.

employees and job satisfaction of employees (Wu and Norman, ). Low job satisfaction leads to low morale, low loyalty to the organization and an increase in sales jobs (Soler, ).It would also lead to low employee job satisfaction retreat from their job hunt for a new job or a change.

Interviews: Interviewing employees is a great method of gathering information about job satisfaction, but these really only work if the employee/employer relationship is a positive one, and the employee feels safe in opening up.

Therefore, it is important to develop and ensure employees’ job satisfaction to benefit individual and organization. The purpose of this study was to identify the reliability, validity and normality of the item measurement in determining the factors of job satisfaction.

The survey suggests age and income may play also important roles in job satisfaction. Inemployees between the ages 35 to 44 reported the .

Determination of job satisfaction factors
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