Descriptive phrases for creative writing

You want a name that people can easily recall when they want to visit your site.

Descriptive Writing

Do you see any opportunities to spruce them up with a power word? Using Power Words in Product Names Just like you can use power words to spruce up your blog name, you can also use them to make your product names pack more of a punch. Fortunately, you can use power words to make your offer more enticing.

His headline is follow by subheads such as these: I bet it converted like crazy. A dominant impression creates a mood or atmosphere in your paper.

Outside I shivered in the cold air, but in the diner I was cozy, munching on crispy French fries and enjoying a hot, juicy cheeseburger. You can tell she has carefully picked each word for maximum impact. Now take a look at the buttons on your site. Using Power Word on Sales Pages You can also use power words to spruce up your sales pages and make them more effective at selling your products or services.

See how that works? Using Power Words in Opt-In Boxes As a blogger, one of your main goals is to grow a large and engaged readership, and the best way to do so is through converting readers into subscribers.

This makes the difference between vivid and vague language. See how Philip DeFranco does it below: People generally love anything adorable, so this headline will easily catch attention.

Just look at this one from Ramit Sethi: They understand that most of their views will come from their subscribers finding them in their feed, and from people finding them in the sidebar of other videos. This mood can be conveyed through effective descriptive writing.

While one or two power words are often enough, this headline proves you can use more when it fits. Vague Language The sensory details you select in your writing should create for your reader the same picture you have in your mind. Using Power Word in Testimonials Power words are also tremendously effective in testimonials.

Some people use their home page to promote their email list, others use it to promote one of their products, and others use it as red carpet, welcoming new visitors and explaining what their site is all about.

The hot boards warmed our bare feet.

Descriptive Words List of Adjectives Word Reference

Style vlogger Aaron Marino often does it as well: They just wrote down three power words and follow it up with a service they provide. Many opt-in forms include a list of reasons you should sign up to their email list.

See how the power words in these subheads catch attention and make you want to read the text that follows? My sister and I walked along the boardwalk each afternoon of our vacation. For example, here are three subheads from our post on Ebook mistakes: Afterwards, we walked along the beach and let our feet get wet.

Usually we stopped for a snack at one of the many stores that line the boardwalk. The aroma of gravy over creamy mashed potatoes lingered in the air. Her dominant impression is one of comfort and happiness.Descriptive writing has a unique power and appeal, as it evokes sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes.

Using description in your writing. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site/5(89).

Idioms and clichés in creative writing

Learn how to describe a person using vivid vocabulary and keen observation skills. Using Descriptive Writing Tools.

How to describe a person | Using descriptive words

Spigoo, courtesy of Creative Commons. Interested in similar articles? Help reluctant writers describe food, people, and places; Using our senses: A descriptive writing lesson. Feb 09,  · This blog post will teach you how to use good phrases for composition writing.

It will also give you examples and ideas of Idioms, Similes, Metaphors or Personification that you can use in your compos. Types of Descriptive Phrases “Good Phrases” can be broken down into: Idioms; Similes; Metaphors; Coming up with Reviews: 7.

Idioms and clichés in creative writing April 29, Lavanya 4 Comments When it comes to creative writing, many of the phrases that are commonly used (especially by new writers and authors) are anything but creative.

Primary English Tips | Creative Writing: Using Emotions & Expressive Phrases How do you get your child to use emotions and expressive phrases for the characters in a story?

Lots of children find it challenging to use descriptive phrases to help their characters express their feelings.

Descriptive phrases for creative writing
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