Describe the different between the harvard and michigan model of human resource management

On the other hand, attending to the organisational level may lead managers to assume that, through organisational strategy, structure, and HR systems, they have more power than they really have to change individuals and influence the external environment.

From the personnelmanagement point of view, employee satisfaction provides themotivation necessary to improve job performance. The model emphasizes the logical sequence of six components: Managers must try to keep their motivation high and enable them to realize their potential. They state that the two terms can be used interchangeably, with no difference in meaning.

Distinguish between human resource management and personnel management? Personnel management is often considered an independent function of an organization.

The claim of the Guest model that it is superior to others is partly justified in the sense that it clearly maps out the field of HRM and delineates the inputs and outcomes.

Focusing on the level of the organisation has the advantage of drawing attention to aspects partly under the control of management, such as formal strategy, structure, and preferred culture. This concept of "personnel management" is much less applicable in a world where mergers, globalization and new technologies are fundamentally changing the way business is done.

Human Resource Management Models

It is a sole responsibility of the organisation. Managers must try to keep their motivation high and enable them to realize their potential. Difference between human resource management and personnel management? It describes the four functions of this cycle as follows: People are often confused between these two approaches as they lie on two extremes of management.

The four HRM models are: Theory X is a classic distrust approach of management where people are viewed as lazy working on their self interests. However, the good thing is that whether Hard or Soft HRM, both accept that human resources are critical for the success of any business. The Fombrun model is incomplete as it focuses on only four functions of HRM and ignores all environmental and contingency factors that impact HR functions.

Why Humans People are Called Resources? Theory X focuses on the nature of the organization without paying any attention to the nature of the employees who are labeled as lazy. It acknowledges the central importance of motivating and rewarding people, but concentrates most on managing human assets to achieve strategic goals.

Appraisal of employee performance will be largely informal and administered via personal contact; the reward system will vary unsystematically across the functions and employee development will be limited primarily to the functional area in which the employee works.

This article will differentiate between the two styles of human resource management, hard HRM and soft HRM, with their pros and cons to enable managers to adopt a style that is a good mix of both.

Difference Between Hard and Soft HRM

Human resources is said to incorporate and develop personnel management tasks, while seeking to create and develop teams of workers for the benefit of the organization.

A primary goal of human resources is to enable employees to work to a maximum level of efficiency. Hard HRM focuses more than soft HRM does on using people as resources and as a means towards the competitive success of the organisation. Personnel Management could also be seen as a independent way ofmanaging.

Individual development would be cross-divisional, cross-subsidiary and corporate. The IHRM deals with employees from three nationals: There is not a really big difference between Human ResourceManagement and Personnel Management, in actual fact "HumanResources" have largely replaced the term "Personnel Management".

Would you like to merge this question into it? This is essentially a carrot and stick policy. With human resources, work groups, effective strategies for meeting challenges, and job creativity are seen as the primary motivators.

In fact HRM seems to be a vague concept, mostly because of conflicting views and theories proposed to define it. Personnel management can include administrative tasks that are both traditional and routine.

What is the difference between human resource maintenance and human resource management? It was Storey in who elaborated on the Michigan and Harvard models on management HR strategy, HR practices, HR outcomes, behavioral outcomes, performance results and financial consequences.

The four functions are:The Michigan model represents the external and internal factors of HRM as a triangle Finally, the Michigan model argues that within HRM there is a human resource cycle affecting individual and organisational performance (see Figure ).

Describe The Different Between The Harvard And Michigan Model Of Human Resource Management. objectives, the management of its most important resources - the people - is of utmost importance. According to Lundy O (),until about the s the task of ‘finding and controlling people’ was handled by Personnel Management which was largely an administrative function, dealing with the.

The link between strategy and human resource practice has been discussed by a number of researchers. Devanna et al state that the strategy- HRM relationship is essentially an extension of Chandler's "structure follows strategy" thesis.

The Harvard model acknowledges the existence of multiple stakeholders within the organization.

What is the difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management?

These multiple stakeholders include shareholders various groups of employees, government and the community at large. The recognition of the legitimacy of these multiple stakeholders renders this model a neo - pluralist model.

This model emphasizes more on the human/soft side of HRM. 1.

a) In chapter one they describe the models of human resource management. There are five major HRM models. First, is The Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna model, which use four key components to increase organizational performance.

The components are. Hard HRM. Based on Human Resource Management, A harder approach - people as human resources. A different view of HRM is associated with the Michigan Business School (Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna, ).

There are many similarities with the Harvard 'map' but the Michigan model has a harder, less humanistic edge, holding that employees are.

Describe the different between the harvard and michigan model of human resource management
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