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Pascoe between and onto 55 reels of 35mm microfilm. Fuller, a printer and stationer. The mill property and a number of surrounding properties were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in He eventually founded the Parramatta Advertiser inin competition with his former employer and helped form Cumberland Newspapers Ltd.

The first issue published on Monday was Vol.

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An annual subscription for both issues costing 4s in advance. This merger provided The Cumberland Argus Cumberland paper more districts to cover, and the Cumberland paper decided to issue the newspaper twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays commencing with Vol.

In that year, the mill was only running two paper machines and had a production output of about 3, pounds of paper per day. The quarterly subscription for both issues was 6d.

Davey, the former owners of The Cumberland Free Press. Leslie Phillips retired as Managing Director of the newspaper. However Cumberland paper proposed circulation on the Wednesday edition of the Parramatta Advertiser was concentrated to Parramatta City Council and the north-eastern portion of the Holroyd Municipality — a smaller circulation than the Thursday edition, and that of the Cumberland Argus.

The mill became the largest in the world. The three newspapers were owned at the time by Cyrus E. Gazzard retired from the newspaper in Februaryleaving Little and Richardson to run the paper by themselves.

Inpaper was made by beating down rags and using the pulp from the rags. Nine years later inan additional machine was added to the mill, and the production increased to 11, pounds per day. Initially issued weekly on Saturdays, costing 2d an issue, a subscription to The Cumberland Argus cost 2 shillings per quarter in The Monday edition cost 1d, with Thursday 3d.

Bythe mill produced 35, pounds of paper per day. History[ edit ] The Warren paper mill is a large sprawling industrial complex spanning the Presumpscot River just north of Cumberland Street in central eastern Westbrook. Steam locomotives replaced the horses in White taking over as Managing Director from Vol.

The newspaper was founded by Messrs. Horse-drawn wagons transferred freight between the mill and the railroads. The first three locomotives weighed 7 tons each, and carried gallons of water.

This acquisition had no significant effect on its circulation or coverage.

The mill continued to grow through the 20th century, employing close to 3, Westbrook residents. The Saturday edition continued to cost 2d, with the Wednesday edition costing 1d per issue. The mill now only employs about people, but continues to be a presence in the city of Westbrook. It was the first mill in the United States to do so.

Warren died in and was succeeded by his son, also Samuel Dennis Warrenwho managed the business until his death in Trembath inusing the records of the Cumberland Argus.

Inafter the mill changed its name to S. Warren Paper Mill Company, Warren decided to add wood fibers with rags fibers for paper. The following week a new masthead was introduced, with the newspaper announcing its coverage was expanding westward, delivering between Wentworthville and Lalor Parkand increasing its circulation to 45, copies each week.

The last standard gauge locomotive was sold to the Maine Central Railroad when Portland Terminal Company took over millyard switching work in Little and Richardson registered Cumberland Argus Ltd.Cumberland County neighbors: Recently published obituaries.

Crime and Courts. Police: Passenger ejected from rollover crash Sunday in Monroe Township. Newspaper Archives; Sites & Partners.

S. D. Warren Paper Mill

Cumberland, MD () Today. Lots of sunshine. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. The newspaper was founded by Messrs. Thomas Davies Little, Frederick William James Lovell, Richard Stewart Richardson and Alfred Gazzard, all formerly associated with The Cumberland Mercury newspaper.

The paper's office was located in Phillip Street, later George Street, Parramatta, with correspondents located around various districts. New head football Coach Jake Johnson makes his debut as the Bulldogs put out a 34 – 20 win over Republic. File Photo August 31. Cumberland County News, Burkesville, Kentucky.

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Your Hometown Newspaper for Cumberland County, Kentucky/5(41). Cumberland Times News is a newspaper based in cumberland, maryland.

Newspaper Archives are an incredible resource when tracing your family tree to uncover treasures from the past about your ancestors.

Cumberland paper
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