Con gun control

The debate of gun control has made no headway at the Federal level despite nation-wide attention and coverage of recent incidences of mass killings like those at Tucson, Virginia Tech, and Columbine. In a Nutshell Yes No Con gun control violent crimes are committed with guns; thus, restricting gun ownership will likely reduce the number of such crimes.

Retail firearms traders or individual gun owners can be given compensation if a ban is implemented. Takes Power From The People It is a constitutional right to be able to have weapons to defend yourself, including guns. That archaic 2nd amendment has finally proven to be not such a sacred cow and can be eliminated by popular will.

The Role of Law Enforcers The federal law establishes strict registration requirements for procuring a gun, in addition to a transfer tax on machine guns and short-barreled long guns. In American politics, gun control has been an intractable and one of the most controversial issues.

Even several fabricated accounts for dime novels and penny dreadfuls, grew to extraordinary heights. What is needed, however, is a greater focus on education about firearms. State law in the district the rifle was acquired in also requires police to be at gun shows for mandatory background checks, the lack thereof is an additional felony.

Million of man hours lost and resources wasted as recording of guns and people serve no useful to crime purpose.

There will indeed be incidences of shoplifting or house theft, but the involvement of guns would be minimal, resulting in less human suffering.

When citizens are packing, predators go elsewhere. However, the problem may be the guns themselves and their proliferation in the American way of life. Emergency rooms across the United States receive gunshot victims each and every day.

Pros and Cons of Gun Control

This is the recipe for genocide that gun control applies to winning by fear and hatred. We need more restrictions on guns!

Gun Control Pros and Cons: The Never-Ending Debate

This video constitutes as evidence for several felonies, and so far there has been no police action against the seller, the childs mother, or CNN. Public safety, personal security and ultimately freedom is the price that will be paid. Even if gun control laws where made much more strict, these criminals would still be able to obtain illegal weapons and use them to inflict harm and commit violent crimes.

Rather than not allowing regular, law abiding people to own guns. Regulating guns will at least prevent their access from homes and businesses. Gun control is based on a complete lie that is physically impossible. The dilemma of the law is that it can be used both ways.

OpinionFront Staff America has a long history of gun use, going back to colonial times, when the war of independence was fought by the people of the country. The mail-order sales and the interstate sales of firearms have also been addressed and prohibited.

Sporting and Hunting Using guns for recreation has become a popular sport in the US over the years. Expenditures on home security and fortification go way up. The only ones that would be threatened by this policy would be criminals. Nobody but free people do not need to beg government to own guns.

Police are often too overwhelmed to protect all citizens from violent crime. All other amendments are also now vulnerable to evisceration.

Should civilian possession of handguns and other non-hunting guns be banned or severely restricted?

As with many other hot-button topics — abortion, LGBT and marijuana, for example — partisans appear to shout past each other rather than actually communicate. Governments do not institute gun control because the want to reduce crime, Government knows that is impossible.

Banning guns will take away yet another piece of our liberty, which is one more step to socialism and totalitarianism. Majority Of Mass Murders Use Legal Weapons Large capacity magazines, fast shooting guns, and things like silencers make it all too easy for someone to inflict large amounts of damage to big groups of people.

Department of Justice statisticians concluded that close to 40 percent of prison inmates convicted of gun crimes used a stolen weapon.

Education is the key. Injuries and deaths by accidental firearm discharge go way down.The issue of gun control isn't even an issue in Britain, as pretty much everyone in the UK is for gun control.

You could argue that it's against your rights, but laws on drug consumption are also technically against your rights. See what the facts say about keeping a gun at home. Will it deter burglars and protect you, or is it a hazard to your family?

Learn more here. The efficacy of constitutional action, constituting federal regulation of the use of firearms has been promoted via a number of gun control laws enacted since the beginning of the 20th century.

It is important to understand the pros and cons of gun control to understand the debate. Con 9 Gun control laws and lower gun ownership rates do not prevent suicides.

Lithuania has one of the world's lowest gun ownership rates ( guns per people) but its suicide rate (by any method) was perpeople inthe highest suicide rate among 71 countries with available information.

Japan has a low gun ownership rate. Sep 03,  · News about Guns and Gun Control, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Pro-Con Debate regarding increasing gun control regulations.

Con gun control
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