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Miscegenation also occurred as there was an introduction of new races and a mixture of these races occurred for instance the white and the blacks mixed and produced mulatto children, the whites and the whites mixed and produced mestizo children, the blacks and the Indians mixed producing zambo children.

More than any set of economic relationships, more even than the language the Catholic religion continues to permeate Spanish-American culture today, creating an overriding cultural unity which transcends back to Spanish conquistadors who imposed the Catholic faith on Native Americans dating back to The weapons and armor of the conquistadors had a lot to do with their success.

The animals also became of part of the regular diet of native people, and some animals became wild as they were in a new environment, one to which they were not accustom.

Later in the 16th century, in the viceroyalties of New Spain Mexico and Peru, thousands of indigenous people were forced to work as underground miners in the mines of Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Potosi.

It proved a far superior asset to Spanish dominion in America than guns and steel. Spaniards also replaced the ruling Aztecs and Incas and divided the conquered lands among themselves ruling as new feudal lords.

Dominican friar Anton Montecino preached the following during a sermon in Santo Domingo many colonial leaders attended: Automatically presuming their spirituality and traditions were worthless.

Among the Mexicans who fell victim to the pestilence was the lord Cuitlahuactzin, whom they had elected a little earlier.

Francisco Pizarro could not have completed his conquest without the assistance of his brothers.

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Francisco Pizarro, who was referred to as an illiterate conquistador in the callous shape of Cortes sets out with a small amount of men to defeat the last great New World Empire.

Antonio Vasquez de Espinosa, a Spanish friar and missionary who sought to convert the Indians to Christianity, describes the silver mines of Potosi: For example, were American Indians, as Columbus initially reported to the King and Queen of Castile, a friendly and docile people, ripe for conversion to the Catholic faith?

These laws did not significantly change the practice of encomienda and mita forced labor. However, in truth the quests were driven by the Spaniards hunger for gold. The conquest of Peru: Finally, Spaniards exploited Natives — through diverse forms of serfdom and near slavery to extract natural resources and cultivate lands that would enrich the Spanish Monarchy.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Both sides of the debate gained supporters and detractors, such as Francisco de Vitoria, who argued that Indians had developed true societies before Columbus and should not be compelled to convert, and, on the other side, Francisco de Toledo, Viceroy of Peru in the s, who propagated writings which sought to reaffirm the brutality of pre-Columbian native societies and the need for European protection and correction of that supposed savage legacy.

Fifty years later, the Mexican population was decreased to 3 million, mainly by infectious diseases.

The Conquest of the Americas Essay Sample

The plants also became apart of the regular diet of the native people.Free Essay: The 15th century was a turning point in the world's history, since the ocean, which was previously seen as an obstacle to reach beyond, was.

Columbus and continuing for over three centuries, the Spanish Empire would expand its borders across half of South America, most of Central America, the Caribbean Islands.

The Spanish Conquest of the Americas When one thinks of the phrase “Spanish Conquest,” several names may spring to mind including those of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leon, Hernando de Soto and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - The Spanish Conquest of the Americas introduction.

The conquest of Peru: With the mighty Aztec Empire in ruins and the Maya decimated in Central America, the only frightening native kingdom that remained in the Americas: the gold-rich Inca, high in the frigid mountains of Peru.

Already the Aztecs had been conquering much of the territory surrounding Tlaxcala. Effects on spanish conquest of the Americas Essay exploitation. Essay about Taking a Look at the Spanish Conquest - Introduction: THE SPANISH CONQUEST of the Americas is an interesting story of exploration, wealth, greed, devastation and death.

The Aztec civilization, which lived in what we know today as central and South America, began to come under threat from European explorers.

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Comquering of the americas essay
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