Chapter 8 controls for system reliability

Entry to secure areas, such as the Information Technology Department offices, requires further procedures. As a consequence, the size of the information technology department has been growing very rapidly, with many new hires. What do you intend to do?

He had researched an exploit and determined that he could penetrate the target system, download a file containing valuable data, and cover his tracks in eight minutes. Computer forensic experts determined that the email was sent from a computer in one of the campus labs at 9: Security cameras revealed the identity of the student responsible for spoofing the class.

Using the notation of the time-based model of security, which of the following must be true? A Code mastication C Weak authentication D Buffer overflow 38 Meaningful Discussions is a social networking site that boasts over a million registered users and a quarterly membership growth rate in the double digits.

B Wireless access points present little danger of vulnerability so security is not a concern. If he is successful, he offers advice as to how to design and implement better controls. This is an example of a an A authorization control. A stateful packet filtering C a firewall D a demilitarized zone 44 The most effective way to protect network resources, like email servers, that are outside of the network and are exposed to the Internet is A stateful packet filtering.

C remote access control. Each employee is provided with a name badge with a photo and embedded computer chip that is used to gain entry to the facility.

Six minutes into the attack he was locked out of the system. C Security is set to the lowest level that the device is capable of. They can respond by updating the affected software or hardware with new code provided by the manufacturer, which runs the risk that a flaw in the update will break the system.

D a demilitarized zone. Or they can wait until the new code has been extensively tested, but that runs the risk that they will be compromised by the exploit during the testing period. What is the name of the testing for which the hacker is being paid?

D Security is set to the highest level that the device is capable of. A chief information officer C chief security officer D computer emergency response team 34 Ina major U.

C Evaluate and modify the system using the CTC checklist.

A Intrusion detection system C Penetration test D Vulnerability scan 32 A well-known hacker started his own computer security consulting business shortly after being released from prison. D defense in depth. A The security level is set at the factory and cannot be changed.

Dealing with these issues is referred to as A change management. Number one on the agenda was computer system security. A week later, the firm reported that it had successfully entered the system without apparent detection and presented an analysis of the vulnerabilities that had been found.

A Intrusion detection system C Penetration test D Vulnerability scan 30 The process that uses automated tools to identify whether a system possesses any well-known security problems is known as a n A intrusion detection system. Hoxy are required to pass through a gate and present their photo identification cards to the guard before they are admitted.

C physical access control.fall 09 Chapter 8: Info systems control for system reliability study guide by dgarvizu includes 43 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.

Chapter 8 Information Systems Controls for System Reliability. Part 1: Information Security. 1) The Trust Services Framework reliability principle that states that users must be able to enter, update, and retrieve data during agreed-upon times is known as.

A) availability. B) security. C) maintainability. D) integrity. CHAPTER 8 o INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONTROLS FOR SYSTEM RELIABILITY-PART 1: TNFORMATTON SECURtry TABLE Management's Role in lnformation Security Activity Management's Role 1, Create and foster a pro-active "security-aware" culture.

Inventory and value the organization's information resources 3. Assess risks. Study 40 Chapter 8: IS Controls for System Reliability - Part 1: Information Security flashcards from Kaley P.

on StudyBlue. Chapter 8: Information Systems Controls for System Reliability Fundamental Information Security Concepts 1. Security is a Management Issue, Not. Chapter 8: Controls for System Reliability – Part I: Information Security A) Trust Services Framework 1) Organizes IT-related controls into five principles that jointly contribute to systems reliability: a) Security: access to the system and its data is controlled and restricted to legitimate users.

Chapter 8 controls for system reliability
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