Business plan car wash in malaysia malaysian

The question of security also comes into play, as most of the guys on the bicycles are foreign migrant workers without proper working permits. You can start up a big car wash business if budget is not a concern, otherwise a small car wash business will be nice too.

Place an advertisement m away from your car wash will be a good idea to attract more customers. Afterwards, 1L Car Wash will then give them an opportunity to learn a trade and further allow them to learn how to start and operate a business.

It can be polishing, waxing the car exterior, interior shampooing and steaming, extra protection, or upholstery protection. Other than that, you will need to consider some of these points: We are partnered with Osren to launch our own in-house brand of products such as our exclusive Ecoshine Coating.

There are several types of equipment available such as in bay automatic, tunnel type, or self service. Give some value return business plan car wash in malaysia malaysian your customer base on the profit you made.

Car Wash & Valet Business For Sale Malaysia

What you need to do is consider more, plan well, and calculate more before starting a car wash business. We are the first car grooming centre to have queue numbering system where customers leave their car key with the EcoShine staff and we issue them a receipt showing queuing number and car plate number.

Car Interior Grooming our founder Our founder, Mr. He thought of two areas that he could tackle with 1L Car Wash: People who would prefer to use the self-service method usually do not own a home or people who have limited space to wash their car at where they live.

We are provider of the highest quality car care kits, car waxes and polishes, buffing pads, machines, car coatings, air fresheners and most importantly knowledge. Most self-service car wash machines are coin-operated and it usually takes quarters or coins. The easy 5 steps are Pre-soak using the spray wand, wash with suds high pressure and detergentfoam brush using scrub wand, rinse, and also wax.

I used to spend my evenings playing Takraw with these youths. Ideal traffic speed around the area should be under 40 mph. For example, some car wash companies hire some hot car wash girls once awhile to attract more customers.

Young, believes in offering our customers professional services throughout the car grooming process. Starting a car wash business advertisements Starting a car wash business you must know where to source for car wash equipmentwhat the cost is and how much money you can make from a car wash business.

The team designed a device that is easily transportable to bring to customers and have their car washed weekly or every fortnight. From the moment you arrive, until you are driving away in your showroom spotless car, you will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration by our professional staff.

Some machines will accept charge card too. In conclusion, creativity will lead you to make more money than others no matter what kind of business you do.

The target market could be people with lower incomes as they are more cost-conscious. Consider to set up the business where the area having a lot of condominium, hostel, or apartment. Park at center is the best way to wash the car as this allows you to walk around the car and wash it.

Other than that, you must have in mind clearly how much money you need to start up the business and what is your budget. Therefore you will have to move quickly to clean the floor mats using the spray or vacuum cleaner. Calculating budget One of the most important things to do before starting the business is to calculate cost and budget.

Some car wash put waxing as optional so that clients can choose this option themselves. Car wash with final step of water wax for a bright, smooth surface.

They have all been re-trained at the Foundation prior to being sent out for employment. Here are what you can expect from EcoShine: The type of packages offered by 1L Car Wash. Most of the standard car wash lot size is around feet to feet deep and a minimum of 80 feet wide depends on the numbers of bays.

For example, free 1 time car wash if the customers had already come for 10 times.Car Wash & Valet Business For Sale Malaysia. Showing Malaysia Car Wash & Valet Businesses currently available for sale.

Find Malaysia business opportunities to buy and sell from established high cash flow businesses to small home based businesses for sale. Use the filters on the left to narrow your search for businesses in Malaysia by.

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1L Car Wash operates on weekdays with regular business hours as their target customers are people who travel by car daily to work. The on-demand service can be booked up to 1 day in advance. Currently, the team mainly operates in the Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area with plans of expanding further soon.

_____ Car Wash is a 3 bay coin/cash operated to customers who want to provide their own labor, and a two bay automatic offering cleaning services to those who prefer a lower cost “drive-thru” alternative.

Welcome to the website of EcoShine Concept Sdn Bhd (W), we are Johor Bahru’s premier car grooming centre providing professional auto detailing for all types of automobiles and car three convenient locations to serve you, our team of auto detailing professionals are standing by to provide your car the industry’s most.

For example, some car wash companies hire some hot car wash girls once awhile to attract more customers. What you need to do is consider more, plan well, and calculate more before starting a car wash business.

If you take the time to fully understand the SUPWAVE Car Wash concept and where our business model is positioned in the marketplace, we believe you’ll agree with us that SUPWAVE Car Wash is the freshest and hottest franchise concept available today in Malaysia & Singapore.

Business plan car wash in malaysia malaysian
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