Bioremediation and petroleum hydrocarbons essay

This is when petroleum degrading bacteria and archaea are able to mediate oil spills most efficiently.

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It is imperative that oxygen and nutrients are distributed evenly throughout the contaminated soil. Bio-removal was seen as an environment friendly alternative treatment process able to achieve high degradation efficiency at low costs. In situ bioremediation refers to treatment of soil in place.

Bio-sorbents are prepared from naturally abundant and waste biomass.


In addition, it incurs less cost than conventional soil remediation or removal and replacement treatments because there is no transport of contaminated materials for off-site treatment.

Three primary ingredients for bioremediation are: In such cases, surfactants are utilized as part of the bioremediation process to increase solubility and mobility of these contaminants State of Mississippi, Department of Environmental Quality, A process that removes the contaminant from the host medium soil or water.

Solid Waste Bio-Treatment 6. This natural attenuation relies on natural conditions and behavior of soil microorganisms that are indigenous to soil. Complexation and solubilisation of metals c. Bioventing is a process that increases the oxygen or air flow into the unsaturated zone of the soil which increases the rate of natural in situ degradation of the targeted hydrocarbon contaminant.

Environmental monitoring is of great importance for its protection. On a broader scope, much research has been and continues to be developed enhance understanding of the essence of microbial behavior as microbes interact with various toxic contaminants.

Stabilization of the waste b. Hydrophobic contaminants, like petroleum hydrocarbons, have low solubility in water and tend to adsorb strongly in soil with high organic matter content. May have long time-scale. The possibility to be applied in situ or ex situ 6. Department of Environmental Quality.

Currently, research is being conducted to improve and overcome limitations that hinder bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Anaerobic treatment of wastewater does not generally lead to low pollution standards, and it is often considered a pre-treatment process, devoted to minimization of oxygen demand and excessive formation of sludge.

The damage caused by oil spills in marine or freshwater systems is usually caused by the water-in-oil emulsion. Additional research findings of the existence of thermophilic bacteria in cool soil also suggest that high temperatures enhance the rate of biodegradation by increasing the bioavailability of contaminants.

Production of biogas for energy use. A complete biodegradation results in detoxification by mineralizing pollutants to carbon dioxide, water and harmless inorganic salts. All soil microorganisms require moisture for cell growth and function.

The microorganisms responsible for cyanide degradation could be bacteria or fungi, which use cyanide as a source of nitrogen and carbon.Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings about or crude oil, is a complex mixture of many hydrocarbons and can be used as raw material or lubricant.

It is known to contain upwards of 17, organic compounds and both volatile Bioremediation of petroleum Edit. As petroleum hydrocarbons are persistent under anaerobic conditions, their contamination of groundwater is a serious environmental problem.

The microbial diversity in a hydrocarbon- and chlorinated-solvent contaminated aquifer undergoing intrinsic bioremediation was assessed by cloning and sequencing bacterial and archaeal 16S rDNA fragments.

Bioremediation and Petroleum Hydrocarbons Essay - INTRODUCTION Petroleum hydrocarbons from oil spills threaten marine life worldwide. Animals become coated in the oil and ingest the contaminants while trying to clean themselves. This paper summarizes the general processes of bioremediation within the soil environment, focusing on biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

The effect of soil conditions on rate of biodegradation of hydrocarbons is addressed. Essay on Bioremediation Bioremediation and Events that Embraced It As the Earth continues to add in.

Bioremediation of oil spills

Bioremediation and Petroleum Hydrocarbons Essay INTRODUCTION Petroleum hydrocarbons from oil spills threaten marine life worldwide.

Animals become coated in the oil and ingest the contaminants while trying to clean themselves.

Bioremediation and petroleum hydrocarbons essay
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