Audit quality and audit firm size

Empirical test results that the CPA firm size does not significantly affect to oudit quality in public accounting firm in Bandung, whereas the amount of audits significantly affect to quality of audit and simultaneously CPA firm size and audit fees do not significantly affect to quality of audit in public accounting firm in Bandung.

The summary of the model is presented in table 5. The positive relationship means that the quality of audit fee is dependent on the audit fee; the higher the audit fee, the more qualitative the audit work will be. A cross-sectional survey research design was used for the purpose of this paper with a sample size of fifty 50 audit firms in Edo and Lagos States in Inaugural lecture delivered at Maastricht University on Friday, September There exist negative relationship between audit firm tenure and audit quality and this imply that the shorter the tenure of the auditor, the more qualitative the audit is likely to be.

The study utilizes abnormal audit fees as an audit quality proxy, where higher abnormal The relationship between audit firm rotation and audit quality is also positive and this signify that the rotation of audit firms on a regular basis engenders audit quality because regular rotation of auditors will help checkmate some of the threats to the independence of auditors which could adversely affect or jeopardize the quality of audit.

High-quality accounting firms have high, clearly stated standards and equip themselves with robust audit tools and technologies to make sure their standards are met.

High-quality accounting firms make sure the partners and staff assigned to a company likes yours are in fact the appropriate ones for your business and industry. Will you remain important to them after the courtship is over?

In this paper we investigate the possible existence of such a quality differential and employ a methodology that compares the correlations between The coefficient of determination R square of.

The role of auditors in the Nigerian banking crisis. Conflicts of interest can arise, for example, if a family member of an audit firm employee is a shareholder or executive in your organization. For items like these, quality refers to the caliber of the design, materials, performance, and so forth.

This may be unconnected to the fact that larger sized firms expectedly with wider spectra of stakeholderscan afford to pay auditors better which in turn implies that such auditors are likely to do more qualitative job, partly because of the large audit fee and partly because of the need to protect the interest of the wider stakeholder group in such large firms.

This means that in addition to the literal cost of the fees paid to the auditing firm, there are costs to be borne by the organization under audit in the form of lost productivity, including the time spent in preparing for the audit — preparing schedules, pulling documentation, being interviewed, etc.

Early in the audit, will there be significant involvement and leadership from the audit engagement partner in order to maximize the impact of his or her experience and skill, and to direct the scope and tone of the audit?

There is also regular audit firm rotation, as the mean is. International Journal of Business and Economics Research, 3 5 In recent years, the turbulent events of the global financial crisis have dramatically highlighted the importance of credible, high-quality financial reporting and auditing.fresh-air-purifiers.comate governance was proxied by board of director, audit quality, and board independence.

Firm size was represented by natural logarithm of total assets. Earning management was measured by Jones. Using a large sample of U.S.


audit client firms over the periodthis paper investigates whether and how the size of a local practice office within an audit firm (henceforth, office size.

Audit Quality and Auditor Size: An Evaluation of Reputation and Deep Pockets Hypotheses Clive S. Lennox* 1. INTRODUCTION There is now a great deal of evidence that large audit firms provide higher quality audits and offer greater credibility to clients’ financial statements than small audit firms.

Their study revealed there is a positive relationship between firm size, board independence and audit quality whereas there is a negative relationship between auditor’s independence, audit firm size, audit tenure and audit quality.

Regulators and small audit firms allege that audit firm size does not affect audit quality and therefore should be irrelevant in the selection of an auditor. Introduction Large audit firms are increasingly criticized on the basis of size alone both by regulators and by smaller firms within the accounting profession.1 The allegation underlying these criticisms is that professional standards impart a homogeneity across different sized audit firms such that audit quality is independent of audit firm size.

Audit quality and audit firm size
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