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So, talk to me about evolution of your business. You ashley ambridge copywriting a name connect to people, you have a great time. I fell in love with her years and years ago.

I think that is so brilliant. I had this fear of vulnerability. What are your thoughts on that Ash: I started a public experiment. I am really good at my job. I want to explore, I want to play, I want to use my skills and other ways.

Kind of just dabbling here and there. That was our family income. You know, the thing is I am really good at sales and I love sales. You have to just believe the shit out of it.

Sit, stare at the same wall.

So, were you motivated mostly by lifestyle or because you just loved what you—What your passion of this business or what was it that drove you, motivate you to make that shift and then I want to get into what that business was and how that evolved into House of Moxie and all this products and—You know, your massive profitability Ash: This is how we are and we want to attract people that way.

When did you start to move a little bit away from those friend or did you keep them or—What was that transition like, I guess? I mean, I written about this online, but I was very much—Literally in my car in the damn Kmart. I had friends, and I knew how cheap the cost of living was and there to start over and go there and concentrate on what I really wanted.

I have been watching her ridiculous trajectory as a female entrepreneur as well as the impact she created for so many entrepreneurs. What is up, sister? I should probably send them a donation or something. I hear you on that. Well, at the time, I had been doing a lot of outside sales, B2B sales in the Philadelphian market, for big pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, tech companies in the area, so I had some really great contacts in those arenas and I thought: So you kind of understood the pain point, but you probably had your finger on the pulse in terms of what they were asking for, so you actually knew before you created something that it was actually legitimately solving the problem.

There has to be another way. I see the value, but that was not what I really envisioned for my company.

And in fact, inner faction is bliss. Is that how you went or? This was way before I found the internet or the online community and I actually just found some diaries the other day that has my actual thoughts written down in the early s being like: Yeah, here is where it gets really ugly, but very useful.

Especially, the Internet these days. I mean, sometimes I see these random products or things that grow up on the market that are just so far-fashion.

How Ash used guts, her middle finger, and the internet to build a million dollar business

You need people to support you and sometimes the people that are going to be there to support are not the ones you would expect. I had mother on social security disability.

You should really be grateful for the job you have or really, like… is that what you do all day? We look at it from that perspective sales and marketing.

And in the past you had no options. You created, sort of, digital courses that provided exercises or training or particular areas such as branding, copywriting for Brandgasm, right?

What was it just a way to express yourself to connect with others or why did you create it? In the beginning I started off, because I was just frustrated.

You optimized the right word. And I felt okay with those things. So, we formed House of Moxie for that reason. So, that I started doing it.See what Ashley Glicken (ashleyglicken) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of everybody's favorite things.6 pins.

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Ashley ambridge copywriting a name
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