An essay on the life of bill gates

Both boys dropped out of university to form a partnership called Micro-Soft.

Bill Gates Biography

Today I would like to talk to you about the richest man on earth. Gates and Allen would often discuss about one day starting a business.

In Decemberthe first microcomputer, the Altairwas about to be released on the market. Their father, William H. The same year he chose to step down from day to day operation of Microsoft to manage the foundation full time. At that time over 30 per cent of all the computers in the world were running on Microsoft software.

K competitive in a world market, in terms of industry? He was born into a family with a rich history in business, politics, and community service.

After all, anyone can be an author on the Internet. A new business practice initiated by Gates, even after co-founder Paul Allen had left the company on medical grounds, implied cooperation with rival Apple to share insights into software development and hold joint ventures, keeping Microsoft relevant and aware of new ground breaking developments in the field.

Short Biography on Bill Gates

Inhe found Corbis Corporation, who owns the largest collection of digital images in the world. Much of his time is devoted to meeting with customers and staying in contact with Microsoft employees around the world through e-mail. Gates attended public elementary school before moving on to the private Lakeside School in North Seattle.

It was obvious that Bill Gates took over the ambition, intelligence, and competitive spirit that had helped his relatives rise to the top in their chosen professions. In his junior year, Gates dropped out of Harvard to devote his energies full-time to Microsoft, a company he had started in with his boyhood friend Paul Allen.

According to the current worth of Microsoft stock Other Popular Essays. The increased use of automobiles touched every corner of the American economy. These charities have had such a massive impact on the world that Bill Gates was named one of the most influential personalities in the 20th century by Times Magazine.

Lakeside was also the school where Bill Gates and Paul Allen became friends.Famously known as Bill Gates, an American businessman, philanthropist, software executive and founding father of Microsoft Corporation, he is also the world's second richest person (Forbes Magazine ).

He is one of the best known entrepreneurs of personal computers revolution (Bellis M, nd). The Life of Bill Gates Essay - The Life of Bill Gates William Henry Gates III, also known as Bill Gates, was born in Seattle, Washington, the 28th of October in Bill, the second child of three, grew up in an upper middle-class family.

Essay On Bill Gates. words - 3 pages. An Analysis And Description Of The Life Of Bill Gates And The Beginnings Of Microsoft Corporation words - 2 pages The lives of two men in one instance of their lives is as great as any other moment.

At MITS corporate locale in Albuquerque, Paul Allen loaded the team's code onto the Altair. Life Of Bill Gates Essay Examples.

6 total results. A Biography of Bill Gates, an American Business Magnate Account of the Life and Works of Bill Gates.

Essay On Bill Gates

words. 2 pages. An Essay on the Life of Bill Gates. words. 1 page. A Brief Life Story of the Early Life of Microsoft Founder William Henry Gates. words.

2 pages. An Analysis of. Gates is an American business executive officer of Microsoft. He was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, He was the second child and only son of William Henry Gates Jr. who was an attorney and former schoolteacher.

Bill Gates has spent a massive 26 billion dollars to charity. Bill Gates would consider picking up a dollar bill not worth the investment, as his over 80 billion fortune earns him a decent 6 per cent interest, which translates into a guarantee of slightly over dollars every single second in a minute.

An essay on the life of bill gates
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