An analysis of valeries life in lantana by ray lawrence

Valerie had run off, leaving behind her shoe. He has emotional issues but refuses to confront or admit to them. Duncanson, Elder and Pratt, p. She feels threatened by another patient, Patrick Phelan, who is having an affair with a married man, which forces Valerie to confront her own issues in her marriage to John.

They find her body, as she had accidentally fallen down a ravine. Leon sleeps on the couch. In Lantana, terra nullius is reinscribed as the site of criminal violence; it is the scene of the crime of Anglo-Australian sovereignty 7.

After seeing his wife, Nik calms down and talks with Leon and Paula. He looks Sonja directly in her eyes and dances, just as she always wanted.

Within each of these compositions, the landscape holds the threat of violence, danger and death. The police interrogate Nik, but he refuses to answer questions about Valerie, repeatedly asking to see Paula.

Duncanson, Elder and Pratt, pp.

Leon listens to the rest of the therapy tape, where his wife says that she still loved him and he bursts into tears. He agreed to give her a lift to her home but she panicked when he took a back road shortcut and so she jumped out of his truck. Leon, a police officer, and Jane, have sex in a motel room.

Valerie is coming home late one night and drives off the road. Patrick is pained to see his lover happily spending time with his wife and kids. Neither Nik nor Paula knows that Jane made the police call. This scene is a key moment in Australian cinema as it follows a local filmic convention in which the landscape appears to draw its victims into its depths or barren expanses.

As both local and exotic, as everyday and something to be exterminated,the plant represents a certain uneasiness about this new Australia Nik and Paula are seen happily spending time with their kids. Jane salsa dances alone, drinking and smoking, and her husband, Pete, leaves her.

Leon starts a discussion about love, marriage and affairs but lies to John when asked if he ever had an affair. He asks her about her therapy sessions with Valerie. Leon is the investigating detective on the case and looks into her office and notes.

The movie ends with Sonja and Leon dancing together seductively. She is stranded and makes several calls to John, who does not answer. As the familiar tropical hum of crickets fills the air, the camera pans overa lantana bush, a seemingly beautiful veneer of foliage.

Jane pairs up with Sonja in the next salsa class, which angers Leon, who ends their arrangement, which upsets Jane. A fly hovers, before a fade to black exposes a dishevelled, bloodied female corpse caught in the undergrowth, limbs fixed at awkward angles 1.

They discuss their relationship, and he tells that he just ended an affair but that he still loves her. Endnotes For more detailed analysis, see Gary Simmons, Lantana: Police call Paula to leave her work as a nurse, to come in for questioning.Read movie and film review for Lantana () - Ray Lawrence on AllMovie - The degrees of separation among the eight.

Lantana by Lions Gate by Ray Lawrence Ray Lawrence (Director) Rated: Unrated. Format: DVD. Be the first to review this item. DVD from $ Additional DVD. 59 rows · Lantana is a Australian drama film, directed by Ray Lawrence and starring Anthony LaPaglia, Kerry Armstrong, Geoffrey Rush and Barbara Hershey.

It is based on the play Speaking In Tongues by Andrew Bovell, which premiered at Sydney's Griffin Theatre fresh-air-purifiers.come date: 8 July (Sydney Film Festival).

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An analysis of valeries life in lantana by ray lawrence
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