An analysis of the case of bethany hughes in canada

By contrast, the legislation provided that children 16 and over should have their treatment decisions respected. Moreover, the stakes in a case like this are extraordinarily high. On the one hand, an individual who may well have the capacity to make the decision to risk death rather than violate her religious beliefs loses the strength of an impartial advocate to help her formulate her position and bring it forward.

Hughes had had such an advocate, and had maintained the same position, she might have succeeded in resisting the transfusions. The court nonetheless ordered a transfusion, concluding that this would be in A.

The numerous legal errors in that decision, and its dubious factual underpinnings, warranted consideration by the Court. Their opinions make clear, however, that these justices were solely concerned with whether parents could assert Charter rights so as to jeopardize the health of a child too young to make her own treatment decisions.

That she was unable to do so was in part a result of Kent J. Although the court dealt with each provision separately, the two analyses closely resemble one another.

Her goal was to ensure that women and children, immigrants and the poor, and. Like adolescence, it exists on its own merits, but also is victim to the gaze of others.

The metaphor of being "deadset in adolescence" helps to construct this condition where Canada seeks to define itself while being trapped in the gaze of "the other.

On the other hand, an individual who does not have that capacity remains unprotected from those who have interests and beliefs of their own, and will seek to control and influence her actions.

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Hughes, but it does suggest that the contemporaneous representation by Mr. Member of the Alberta Bar. Members of the Bar should be subject to no particular favour in this respect but should, like other litigants, be required to demonstrate the validity of their position on the balance of probabilities taking into account the totality of the evidence.

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Hughes alleged, inter alia, that Mr. The Court ignores this problem. The basis for this position is dubious. On both issues, four justices found no violation, and thus, no need to proceed to justification.

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In turn, this distinction has several implications. Hughes is to ensure that she is able to identify her legal interests freely and without undue influence — that she is able to identify her own ends and then pursue them within what the law permits.

Moreover, it seems artificial to separate the determination that causation of harm cannot be shown from the determination of the substantive legal issue on conflicts. Recent Posts The most common types are: It also declined to re-appraise the evidence related to the confidentiality issue.

He emphasized the issue arising from Mr.Third, in a case such as this, where the Respondent is unrepresented, the decision is dispositive of the Respondent’s legal rights, and the relevance of the prior judicial record is evident, Macleod J.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The case was symbolically important in establishing women's constitutional right to participate in all levels of government in both Canada and the UK.

Before the Privy Council ruling inwomen were defined in English common law as 'persons in matters of pains and penalties, but not in matters of rights and privileges' (Benoit 2).

An analysis of the case of bethany hughes in canada
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