A nostalgic journey to the beautiful city of buenos aires

Volta Gelato The gelato game in Buenos Aires is strong. It is the widest avenue in the world consisting of 16 lanes.

When I finally visited, I knew everything I had heard was right.

33 Things We Love About Buenos Aires

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I think something bad always happens when a country gets popular… sigh. The pizza in Buenos Aires is incredible, you know how we feel about that! Next to it is the city hall called May Triangle. I think having a local as a guide changes things a lot!

Lovely cafes, from historic to chic, lined up almost every street. Considering the hysterical and distorted discourse too often employed when talking about Chavez, this book offers a welcome balanced study of an undeniably intriguing character.

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A second construction boom, from toreshaped downtown and much of the city. I fell in love with a new perfume called Juan Manuel: I think a lot of it did have to do with my location though snobby neighborhood and far from the exciting stuff.

Mai 10 is a travel agency focused on privileged access and inspiring destinations. I think for me I would have really enjoyed having a lot more time there to explore Mendoza and do things outside of BA. We love that you can just pick up flowers anywhere! A flea market surrounds Plaza Dorrego, the heart of San Telmo.

Though all the brands are amazing, our favorite was Volta.

Buenos Aires

Tango dancing on the sidewalks of Caminito. In honor of the new Pope, we would like to share our fond memories of his beautiful city.Buenos Aires - Mai Luxury Travel agency Buenos Aires.

Recoleta is the beautiful and most affluent neighborhood of Buenos Aires. A cultural center of the city, it’s here where the well heeled walk the Parisian-esque streets, meet at elegant restaurants and stay in luxury accommodations.

10 Books For Your South America Reading List

It’s true that buenos aires is the city of the most arrogant people of argentina, but that depends a lot on the neighborhood you stay at and the places you go and that’s why you felt that way. Don’t judge the whole city just because you stayed at Palermo neighborhood, beautiful yes but full of shallow people, just like some neighborhood.

Jun 02,  · Buenos Aires is a city with a lot to boast - well-maintained parks, beautiful port views, an active nightlife, and fashion-forward citizens. In addition, the self-proclaimed "Paris of the South" can be as much of a foodie haven as it's famous namesake in France -. Eating organic in Buenos Aires takes a bit of work and planning, but the extra effort is worth every delicious bite.

Some of you may know that Monsanto is in full. Enjoy the best of Buenos Aires tourism when you visit the Paris of South America.

Learn what to see in Buenos Aires & what makes the city beautiful here.

A nostalgic journey to the beautiful city of buenos aires
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