A character analysis of gene forrester and phineas in a separate peace by john knowles

As Forrester admits to himself in chapter 7, he always finds something bad in the things around him; or, if he does not find it, he invents it. For example, when the Devon term is over, he will enlist because that is the correct path of action. Phineas is useless in a world of hostility and fighting.

Against the confining background of the Devon School strictures, Finny constructs his own world out of his imagination: He cannot comprehend that his "accident" on the suicide tree was deliberately caused by his best friend. Another explanation is that Gene is acting on his admiration and jealousy by trying to become his hero.

His fatal flaw is that he assumes that everyone is like him—that everyone shares his enthusiastic and good-natured spirit. Outcasts are ridiculed so that they see themselves as inferior to everyone. Each subculture has its own social norms. Has he made his peace with what happened during the summer of ?

Chet is an excellent tennis and trumpet player and possesses a sincere love of learning. By his very nature, Gene conforms and embraces the conventional.

The fact that the insane person is the only one who sees things clearly when Finny falls from the suicide tree symbolizes a world gone insane with war. Gene starts to become Phineas.

Chet Douglas is an exaggerated prep, just like Phineas is an exaggerated jock. By crippling Finny, he brings him down to his own level. He has complete confidence in his own abilities and has a tendency to carry his ideas through with startling efficiency—at times even ruthlessness.

Yet Gene seems neither particularly noble nor physically impressive; his character, in fact, finds its definition in his limitations and his fundamental reserve, rather than his accomplishments.

He expects unwavering obedience from the boys. Telling the story from his perspective, he recounts his own growth into adulthood — a struggle to face and acknowledge his fundamental nature and to learn from a single impulsive act that irrevocably shapes his life.

Most students make fun of him. Finny may symbolize the kind of person Forrester wishes he could be; Finny is an almost complete opposite of Forrester, a natural athlete and a complete individualist, interested in immediate and innocuous personal pleasures.

At the end of the novel, Gene gratefully accepts the forgiveness of his friend, whose death he mourns in silence, as he readies himself to face the world without resentment or fear.

Those people conform to a subculture, something that was less common during World War II. Quackenbush is unliked by most and uses any opportunity to treat those inferior to him with disdain.

Significantly, however, when Finny reappears at Devon, Forrester immediately gravitates toward his old friend and all the complex things that Finny represents to him. To the standard outcast, everyone is the target, eventually, not just a few inferior people. Some people are self-obsessed.

Character Traits in a Separate Peace

Stanpole - The campus doctor who operates on Finny--Dr. Just look at the things he says.In his book A Separate Peace, John Knowles represents jocks with Phineas, a character who believes that sports are the key to life.

A Separate Peace Characters

Phineas is more of a. Gene Forrester. Gene is the novel’s narrator, and he tells the story as a flashback, reflecting on his days at the Devon School from the vantage point of adulthood.

He is the source of all of the reader’s information in the novel and yet proves somewhat unreliable as a narrator—especially regarding insights into his own motivations. In the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles, one of the main themes is the effects of realism, idealism, and isolationism on Brinker, Phineas, and Gene.4/4(1).

Gene Forrester. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. Gene is the narrator and protagonist of A Separate Peace. Gene Forrester - The narrator and protagonist of the novel. When A Separate Peace begins, Gene is in his early thirties, visiting the Devon School for the first time in years.

Essay on "A Separate Peace" Analysis. realities of their life choices? The book, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, is a novel narrated by a character named Gene.

A character analysis of gene forrester and phineas in a separate peace by john knowles
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